Worlds tallest cannabis plant

The world’s tallest hemp plant was harvested from the Hemp Traders farm in California on September 10, 2021. This event was witnessed and conformed by the county department of agriculture. The plant measured an incredible 24 feet, 1 inch which is a world record. The evidence is being submitted to Guinness World Records who will verify their claim. They are now encouraging farmers to break their record. 🤩🙏🏼💚


That is really neat. 24 feet tall! Ive seen wild plants as tall as 15 ft near Sedan Ks.

Ive always wondered about the company below and if their claims are true.

"Forever Buds by BC Seeds produces buds all year round for decades of unlimited production. Her birth actually began when we first started tinkering with back in the late 70’s. Forever Buds can survive outdoors for decades. In warmer climatic regions of world where frost is rare, she’ll produce buds year round. "

“Our first mom was planted in a green house in British Columbia in late spring of 2005, and she’s still producing buds in the middle of winter 2018. She is over 13 years old producing buds all the time. In her first year, she produced a mere 4.2 lbs, but she was planted late, on May 28th. That’s a very late start here in British Columbia.”

" By the time she was two years old, she was 9’ 8” tall. And in her third year, we had to transplant her to a taller greenhouse with a much taller roof. Today, she stands at 34’ 10” and has produced 38.2 lbs of bud by December 4th, 2017. We think she would be considerably taller if we didn’t trim off her buds all year round."


$100,000 on sale is a bit steep for me


I grew up in Kansas and that wild weed grows monstrous. My uncle from Hawaii would come visit and was in ahhh. He just couldn’t believe those monster plants weren’t any good. Lol


Weird that they only have a closeup of a cola. Seems like you’d want to show off something like that… :thinking:


Seed finder says it’s fake.


@Slym3r on a fake news/profile sweep this morning. :rofl: :joy: :face_with_monocle:


Lol. I am crazy stoned on the orange creamsicle… I feel like I have to catch up… Lol


I use and when slecting my next seed - both are great reference tools - has bee aroiund for 15+ years - remember when thay had 1,000 different strains/breeders now they have 25,000 different strains and 1,000 breeders listed like growdaries because of the pictures - thess are the top two then would be a 3rd


Hi @ohoward1987 , sorry it seems its no longer on the website, cant find it on google search either.

But here is something to feast your eyes on, a couple fairly large outdoor plant, 13 foot plus:


Wow, that plant looks amazing! I didn’t know a cannabis plant could be so tall. I wonder if it is protected by some organization or not?


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Yeah I clicked the buy button and currently out of stock. With that price I’m sure they were never in stock lol. I find it hard to believe they have a plant that just keeps throwing buds out I guess it could be possible but if it was I’m sure someone would have already stole a cut from that plant or something to try and get the genetics off it. Would be sweet to drop a plant and just pull buds whenever I need them and not have to worry about veg time and flower time. Lol.


Have you seen this clip about breaking the world record?

Top 5 tallest cannabis strains from seeds

To many cannabis growers tall, heavy yielding cannabis plants are the ultimate types of cannabis plants. They can be breathtakingly impressive to see, with true XXL yields but they may take some effort and time to grow. An outdoor 4m tall monster can be hard to hide from your neighbours, but if you have the space, know-how and the right cannabis seeds then there is something quite remarkable about seeing a truly giant cannabis plant take shape.

Average height of feminised vs autoflowering cannabis

The tallest cannabis plants can take many months to reach full size. This means you may need a mild climate with a long growing season. The longer life cycle of plants grown from photoperiod feminised cannabis seeds tends to suit those growers wanting to grow the tallest and biggest plants possible.

Depending on the cannabis genetics, your plants may reach 2-3m tall or more. Often those growing the tallest plants tend to be outdoor growers with private grow locations. Indoor growers often tend to have height restrictions from their indoor grow tents and tend to use grow techniques (SCROG, Supercropping, topping etc) to manage and restrict vertical growth.

Plants grown from autoflower seeds tend to be shorter, bushier and more compact than those grown photoperiod feminised seeds. Typically, autoflower plants reach around a metre tall, outdoors some may be able to reach nearer 1.5m. However, autoflowers in general are shorter, stockier and more compact than photoperiod strains.

Note that most autoflower strains grow from seed to harvest in around 10-11 weeks (maybe a couple of weeks longer outdoors). Given the short autoflower life cycle, it simply isn’t realistic to expect them to reach the same sizes as the tallest photoperiod cannabis strains.


So on the article above it claims Passion #1 can reach 3m -4m, have any of you come close to this height in growing?


Hemp Traders in California harvested the world’s tallest hemp plant, reaching an astonishing 24 feet, 1 inch. Confirmed by the county department of agriculture, they await Guinness World Records’ verification and encourage farmers to surpass this record.


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