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Worried, California Phase lll Cannabis Metal Testing


I wanted to see what is your output on the Phase lll testing for California Oil producers.
Will you be passing the test, are you working with the correct equipment? If you have passed Phase l, Phase ll then you know it’s not your cannabis, but when you move to fill your carts with your oil, are you working with the right cartridge will they be able to pass the Phase lll test.

We have been working very hard on our Cartridges so that they can pass this Phase lll test, well I just wanted to say that the results are in and our Cartridges have passed the Phase lll test.

Like I said I will like to know your opinion on what you think and if this is something that you think will impact the market again.

Will you be on off the Companies that see themselves affected by this Test or are you one of the Companies that are now Passing the test.


What test results or statistics can you give me to prove this? We are concerned about the vape cartridge market and are looking for a vendor.


Surely we’d like to share with you in detail. can you please send me your email address or other contact information?


Can you also send the info to me [email protected]


Thanks for your reply! Surely, we will do it soon.