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‘Worst year on record’ for cannabis harvests amid widespread California wildfires


Hope everyone there is able to evacuate safely, and that they have insurance that will cover their loses!


Sad news. I wonder what precautions are a must when growing in a wildfire prone area?


The article says that the smoke can impact the flavor even if the crop can be saved. Looks like the best they can do is harvest what is ready and evacuate.


The single most frustrating part of the article IMO. If cannabis weren’t treated differently from any other crop, many of these people could be spared some of the hard decisions they face.


Looks like at least 7 farms have been destroyed by the fires:


This is seriously tragic. One of our favorite and longest standing clients has lost their farm. We have a ton of clients up in that area and we are working on a way in which we can do our small part to help them all out. In times like these, we need to forget about any competition between any of our businesses and help out as much as we can.

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Sorry to hear about your client’s farm. Have they setup a GoFundMe pages to help with donations towards getting them back on their feet?

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I’m not sure where they are in that process but we are paying close attention. I think it might be too soon given that the fires are still ongoing. I’ll be sure to post any links on here so people can help out if they have the means.


Here’s some news around a couple of efforts to help:

CannaCraft is donating cannabis to medical patients who have had to evacuate or lost their homes, and here is a donation page for growers who’ve been affected:


Another article about the devastation:


Good to see NY Times picking up the story!


The count is up to 34 farms destroyed:


Unfortunately it looks like some of the fundraising efforts are being shut down. That explains why I got a refund from Youcaring:

I guess bitcoin is in order?

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Growers House is supporting the victims of the California wildfires and the victims of the hurricanes in Puerto Rico by donating 1% of all revenue. This is great, please share with any grower you know. This will be ongoing until December 25th, 2017.