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Yellow / brown leaves help

Hi everyone
I have no idea what’s going on with her, she’s is in Coco with perlite, temp is around 24°C to 26°C when the lights are on… Had a few issues with keeping humidity steady over the past few days, it got down to about 47% when I checked it yesterday she’s been fed nutrients once, but I don’t know if it’s been too a early and she doesn’t like it… 0.5ml of each (micro, bloom, and grow) in 500ml of water… Try to keep the water pH around 6.0 but the soil pH doesn’t seem to be lowering from about 7. She’s under a 1200w led light (veg and bloom on) 20-4 light cycle and it sits about 20" above her.

Can anyone help?

She’s an auto flower and calmag gets added to the water and she broke through the soil 22 days ago…


I’ve told you what you need to do with this plant 2 days ago. The leaves that are damaged will never fix themselves. You need to watch new growth to see if you’ve fixed the problem


Well your friend and I talked for awhile on what needed to happen with that plant. Have him/her send you the conversation

I think you may be confusing me with someone else, I may be talking about the same plant, but I’m looking after it for a friend and don’t have any experience with this at all.

Welcome to the group.
Looks like nutrient burn. You don’t want to be heavily fertilizing a plant this small. You might also consider backing off on the bloom lights. Water it with some dechlorinated tap water (let the water sit on an open container for half a week in a sunny spot) until she starts putting out some new healthy looking leaves and then consider a very light feeding with a vegetative-phase nutrient at a quarter the dose suggested by the suppliers. You can turn on the bloom lights when she gets past puberty.

Ok, thank you

1200w @ 20 inches?

Raise the lights, use nutes at 1/4 advertised amounts.

My first tent grow I stunted my seedlings, my last grow almost 8 zip dry.

Don’t be discouraged you learn by mistakes. Unfortunately seeds aren’t cheap. My advice to rookies, “try tomatoes first”. Cheap seeds and somewhat similar to weed.