Yellow plant from germination

Hello all
Hope some one can help me. I started 2 purple lemonade autos 12 days ago, no issues with germination, planted them into my DWC buckets sent them on there way. Once the shell fell off I noticed one of the plants were yellow and the other a nice green. Can’t imagine that there could be a nutrient problem as they are only seedlings, both plants are in the same tent, using the same light, using the same PH’d water. It is growing strong and looking healthy like the green one, just curious if anyone has seen this before and was it an issue or just a strain thing? I’ve grown many a plant and have never seen this, any help would be appreciated.




Bless, I Have the same Problem, only different i’m using soil…
H E L P !!! i will upload PICS in the am

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Hello! to help you, we need more info:

Grow Journal Check List

Strain (bagseed too):
Indoor, outdoor(pots/lands/fields/backyard/guerrilla/etc…):
Tent, Room Size:
Light height:
Temps (day and night):
Relative Humidity (day and night) :
Added Air (fans, portable acs, heaters, dehumidifiers) :
Pot sizes:(hydro,rockwool,soil[super living soil,coco coir, commercial soil,etc…])
Nutrient type:
Ph numbers:
Ec and PPM:
Water Temps:

Seed germination date:
Veg duration:
Nutrient cycles (how often feed/water):

Fill this out. It will provide many more topics to discuss in your Thread/Room. You keep all your info in the one place. Every time you post in your thread, it goes to the top of the pile and you get more interactions.

In that tread has all kinda of charts and handy info!

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