Yellow tip in New leaves

Hi guys, I have a lot of yellow tips in new leaves. Also curved leaves from inside.

I suppose too much ppfd/light coming from leds.

Vegetation day 8
Led blue, red, white.
Temps 25C day 20C night
Humidity 60%
Ph 6.2 Ec 1.6
Soil mix coco/perlite 70/30 + plagron all mix on a 50% mix each.

Thank you for your help <3


Grow Journal Check List

Strain (bagseed too):
Indoor, outdoor:
Tent, Room Size:
Light height:
Temps (day and night):
Relative Humidity (day and night) :
Added Air (fans, portable acs, heaters, dehumidifiers) :
Pot sizes:
Soil, Coco, or Dwc:
Nutrient type:
Ph numbers:
Ec and PPM:
Water Temps:

Seed germination date:
Veg duration:
Nutrient cycles (how often feed/water):

Fill this out. It will provide many more topics to discuss in your Thread/Room. You keep all your info in the one place. Every time you post in your thread, it goes to the top of the pile and you get more interactions.

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Your plants are loving the light. Fill out the support ticket to the best of your abilities and we can get to better diagnosing your issue.


Water jug…the growers worst enemy lol. Probably just a little to hot on the nutes or too much water. Very easy to do either when they are little.


not to worry - yet - will probablly grow out of it - the plant can go thru sonme weird th8ngs – if comtunes and is wide spread then there is a issue – if concerned — flush


If that is a commercial planting soil (Fox Farms or other) then it has food already and you should not be feeding yet. Those kind of soils have enough food to last until the switch to flower usually. You might need to amend it with a booster, but rarely, especially these days with all the science in dirt, its more nutritious than the food in the grocery store.
I have seen this on every plant in hot soil.

The slight yellowing will fade as the plant uses up the food. To clarify: As the food is used up, the new growth will show less and less. What’s already yellow almost always stays yellow.


Seedbank: phenocan + 9 clones (1100 plants in 7L fabric pots)
Strain (bagseed too): cheese, v1, cannatonic, strawberry, clones
Indoor, outdoor: indoor
Tent, Room Size: 36 trays of 1.20x.1.20 (planting surface)
Lighting: each tray has 3 panels grow film. This sheet is the data for 4 panels, I have 3.

Light height: was 55cm from canopy now its 65cm
Temps (day and night): 25C day 20/21C night
Relative Humidity (day and night) : 60% constant
Added Air (fans, portable acs, heaters, dehumidifiers) : 1 clip fan per tray, there is 4 AC / heaters in the room, the extraction is clearly underbuild (room is 25m x 10m and the extraction is 2000m3/h… but unfortunately I can’t add new extractors…)
Pot sizes: 7L fabric, average of 30 per tray, pot touch pot
Soil, Coco, or Dwc: coco perlite 70/30 + grow mix plagron 50%/50%
Nutrient type: mineral
Ph numbers: 6.2
Ec and PPM: 1.6
Water Temps: 20°
Co2: not on yet 450ppm

I doubt that they are over feed, leaves from bottom are yellow (N deficit) and also coco is very poor. The day of the transplanting from seed room (9 days ago) I water with ec 1.2 and Monday (veg +7) with ec 1.6. They have been a week in seeds room before going into grow room.

Thank you for your support and your help. More pictures during the day.


Temps of the week, my sensors are always 2cm above the canopy to get the best data. I got around 10 sensors.


Unfortunately I see lots of things that are not 100% the color of the stalk tells me phosphorus is not being uptaken at optim levels(if I had to guess I’d say lock out) the twists in fans tells me magnesium is also not available there’s also signs of potassium issues if you look closely at fan leaf fringing and necrosis of leaf tips and edging, just at a glance , all issues could be caused by a vpd issue if it’s too far out of wack if you are pushing your garden at all. Love the rack set up!! Hope this can help even a little :pray::sunrise_over_mountains:


I know this doesn’t help, but your LEDs look like blankets that tuck in baby stars. I know nothing and have never grown before 13 days ago, but do the leaves look glossy to you? Plant Doctor - Diagnose Your Plants! | Grow Weed Easy

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I was going to say pH as well, but I see it’s fine. I have my lights at 18 inches (45 cm) which is pretty optimal for my tent. I would lower one bank and see what happens. You are about 6 inches higher than I am.


that is quite the setup u have going on. I love the rack system u have going on i will be interested in following ur grow. Good luck and be safe

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Looks like those Grow Pro’s have you covered.
I had to jump in with @LasVegas7 and comment on the very intense grow area…

Thank you for your answer, a lot !!!
We had some problems during the seedling/germination as its not the same departement of the company. Now we are trying to solve, feeding them correctly (I will keep on 1.6 but I have to go on 12/12 soon as the racks doesnt allow me to have too much height and the randomness of the seeds scares me)

This set up is going to be on the next run only with clones and therefore it will be much easier…

Thank you for your comments guys !!


I start usung nutrients in week 3 (1/2 amounts)but up to then (week 1-2) use a very good root stimulator, never had a issues with Fox Farms (ocean blend, happy frog) being “too hot”

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I use FF Ocean Forest and so far, I’ve seen every time a little bit of nute coloring in the first few leaves.
Other outdoor soils I’ve used are different.
I do have to say, I was an outdoor grower until 2 grows ago. I was making my own soil and it was too hot and too compacted. I needed to add some spacer to fluff it up a bit for indoor.

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  Their  "Orginial Potting soil'   is great stuff also - have a hard time finding it
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Hi everyone, I still have some problems with some of the plants. As they are from seeds and different strains (bad choices from the company) it is very hard to find a solution as I cant water plant per plant …

Some pictures from the problems and others from the grow.

Flower day 2 (stretch)
Ph 6.2 ec 1.6
Co2 800-1200ppm
Temps and humidity same as above (25 day, 21 night, 60% h)

Some defoliation during stretch ton remove large fan leaves.

Sorry for the tons of pictures but maybe it would be easy for you to give advices.

My main concern is still the burn on the tips of new leaves, also my PPFD/DLI seems low (600/30) for flowering…

Thank you for your time and patience !

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@leopoldobetesh. Hi there nice set up you have. Looks like you ph was off in top photo’s also in coco should be at 5.8 is best… can be 5.9,6.0, it can be 6.2 but definitely not optimal. I’d also calibrate your pH pen to make shore its on point. Looks like a little cal mag on one of the leaves and a hungry bug on the other but not one that will wipe you out but I’d be doing some sort of a spray weekly or fortnightly. Also the temp is way to cold for me it averages at 22. I would have night temp at 22c and around 27c during the day. I’m no professional but hope this helps. They still look pretty good but I’d be raising the temp and get pH on point the plants can’t photo when there cold good luck