Young plants have fast spreading yellow spots

Please Help! I have 2 very young plants that were doing fine. One plant is 3 weeks old and the second plant is only 2.5 weeks old. Both plants were looking very lush and healthy. Till a day ago my 3 week old plant started forming small yellow spots on her leaves and her leaves were starting to curl downwards. I looked today (6/15/20) and the spots had grown to the majority of the leaves and now my 2.5 week old plant has spots forming on it as well. I check my PPM and Ph daily and keep the Ph at 5.9 to 6.0 and use the instructed amount of nutrients from Andvanced Nutrients (Grow, Micro, and Bloom). My temperature fluctuates from 73° F - 84° F throughout the course of 24 hours. The fresh leaves on the top still look fine and are still growing but the leaves right under the new growth are taking some bad damage. Can someone please help me?

I am growing my plants hydroponically (DWC) in a 5ft tall tent with a 1200 watt UV LED. (Full Spectrum) I keep the light about 24 inches from the canopy of the plants.


How do the roots look? Might be some kind of virus. They got the Corona, jk. Kind of looks like hemp mosaic virus in a couple of the pics. How does the mom plant look? Have you done DWC before? Seeds are a good option if you don’t have access to healthy clones.

Have you changed anything recently :thinking:

Well fam, I haven’t yet changed anything. And this is my first grow hydroponically and only my second time growing.

So I dug further into the internet and into YouTube and found out that what I have here is a disease called Yellow Spot Disease. It is a fungi and does not kill your plant when treated in a timely manner. To fix this issue, I’ve learned that I have to sanitize my grow space, keep my temp swing under 80°F, and I have to trim off the infected leaves. I’ve also learned that you can make organic fungicide from home to prevent the spread of the spores and mites. I’ll be making some today and trying it out after I sanitize my grow space and trim my plant.

Homemade ORGANIC Fungicide and Mite repellent (Quick N Easy)

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Big Time Exterminator is a good fungicide and insecticide that I use. Good for foliar sprays and for root drench.

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