Your max yield setup in automated greenhouse

3k sqft fully automated gh setup. 14 ft sidewalls, poly roof, 100 1kwatt de hps bulbs, climate controls, bench, iriigation the whole 9 yards. 1/3 of space for clones, mothers and veg. What’s the max yielding setup in your experience? If it were you leading the grow, what strain, grow medium, pot size, veg time, and training techniques would you employ?

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With that stupid type of money and creativity
I would have someone else figure it out for me

I am available for hiring.

Well seeing that you have 2000 sq to grow and assuming that faster yeild is what you are looking for, find a 55 to 65 day finisher that is more sativa so you can take advantage of height and keep your plants closer together. As for training goes, dont! The less you stress the plant the faster it will grow and finish. Commerical is about in and out. Training is a slower process to produce more from 1 plant. I used to grow 16 clones in a large tote each yeilding 1oz each and i was getting roughly 3lbs for a 4X4 area. No training other then stripping lower shoots after budding started so there was less trimming and more solid bud. Trimming little bud is a waste of time and money. Aint nobody got time for that. Also with how advanced LED’s have come unless you have the lights, i would go for gavida
1700e pro or something close. They are expensive but will more then save money after a few grows. If you plan to be running a CO2 system then you place needs to be sealed so you are not wasting money thru exhaust fans.
Alot of this will be trial and error due to many variables. If you do things right you are looking at 200 lbs pre yeild, but that can be higher or lower. My suggestion, contact a grow location close to you and ask for a tour and some suggestions.


What would your services include? Can I dm you?

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Your insight is much appreciated and you’ve given me some great ideas. Thanks a ton-pun intended :slight_smile:

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Wish we could help you but the numbers on AI probably wouldn’t work for a grow area that size unless you’re expanding. Best idea is to get with a good consultant on a recommendation, kind of like you’re doing now. Good luck.

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For sure. Proper preparation prevents poor performance. Set it and forget it. But check it everyday. Lol.