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Zilky Zmooth (In-House Seeds) Grow 1m2 400w HPS [Journal]

Hey Guys,

my names Amderdam Genetics and I want to share my grow with you and maybe get some input from you. I grow in Europe and that’s all I’m going to say so maybe youll see strain and equipment you guys are not so used to. Why am I on an international / US forum? I’m interested in getting to know people in the Cannabis Buisness in CA especially in the Emerald Triangle since Im planing a trip in Oct 2020 there.

Lets get to the setup :

  • 1m2 Growtent
  • 400W no name HPS/MH
  • Solar and Palau silenced exhaust fan (really amazing, its soooo quiet!) 25W
  • small clip fan 5W for air circulation

I am lucky enough to have access to a network of elite cultivators which have amazing clones, some even unreleased DNA Genetics strains. For this round I chose the Zilky Zmooth which is a Zkittlez crossed with Silky Johnson my In-House Seeds. My man told me in his opinion this cut is far superior in terms of growth vigor and effect to the original Zk so im exited.

What happened so far…
Well the clones vegged for about a week. Sadly since Amazon fucked up the soil delivery I had to go local (there is literally 1 growhsop in a 200km radius…). I ended up getting the Plagron Bat Mix since the vendor said that’s comparable to the Canna Terra Pro Plus which I usually use but the dam soil is too strong in ferts! Its nothing major but some select leaves have burnt tips, thats strange because like 80% of the leafs are perfect… never seen anything similar.

Current Stage : Week 1 Flower


Current Stage : Week 2 Flower

Ok so the growth has been really explosive, I cannot believe its only been one week! Keeping the MH light for the first 3-4 Days of flower was well worth it. The clones came in the small wedges so it was important to let them root heavily with the blue spectrum. Bud formation has been pretty strong as you can see. Buds everywhere the eye sees.

The soil / nutrient problems have balanced themselves out. The plants should have enough nutrients for another 2-3 weeks just from the soil.

Dont forget to follow this journal for massive buds!


Current Stage : Week 3 Flower

Ive been really busy with work and study that sadly only now I have found time for an update. TL;DR the genetics are really great and forming Buds EVERYWHERE. Trichome density is pretty solid for such an early flowering state.

For some reason the plant on the bottom left is much shorter. They are all form the same mother so its a strange phenomenon. On my lats grow with the same setup the plant in that position did great.


Hell yeah brother. As a fellow breeder. I’d love to talk shop some day. Maybe be lucky enough to catch some fire from your end of the world. I always have something interesting to toss into the flame aswell. Keep rocking I will be watching


Hey MK3 Pharms, thanks so much for the kind words. Actually most of the Genetics we grow here over the Pond are American although we do love our Hazes and and have a few unique creations. IMO the White Choco (Haze or not both are amazing) from Amsterdam Genetics is one of the finest European gentics.

My genetic Zilky Zmooth is actually grown and selected in the US and somehow made the journey over the pond. Supposedly my guy payed 14000 EUR for the one motherplant which came from Spain, it must be something special :wink:

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I have picked up a few from Spain myself. And even though the shady stories about the practices thier I have to say I’ve had some really good genes come from there. I recently picked up some space cheese from London on a trip there. Yet to grow it. You know how that goes

Looking good and welcome to the site @a-damgenetics!! If you want to take a picture without the light distortion try holding up a pair of sunglasses and take the picture through one of the lenses. One of the many cool things I learned from the crew here on GN. I look forward to seeing more of the grow!

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I used to get that with my cree Cobb photos. People would give me crap about it. I didn’t care. Now it kinda bugs me. Lol

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IKR?! I never thought anything of it either until I was shown that trick. My only thought at that time was, “I’ll just wait until I get LEDs for the picture to clear up”. Lol!

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:sunglasses: this is a must

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Nooooo what happend to this journal!? Im itching to drop a few seeds and had questions… :sob::sob::sob:

Good to see leaves of a keeper pheno tho :+1:t5:

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