1 Lb per plant indoor

Anyone doing at least 1 pound per plant if so what training methods and how long are you in veg before you flip


The only one I know that has come close with one plant is @tdubwilly with a little over 10 Oz’s from a scrog.


On the low end, I messed up that grow and it caused me to only get 10oz

15.65 oz in this one plant

I feel like @macgyver_stoner has perfected his growing style into taking one plant and cultivating it to be “all that it can be” and can speak more to this than me…in fact, I know he can since I have taken “his model” and made it the foundation for my growing styles. We don’t grow exactly the same and yourself honestly that’s because we face different “growing circumstances” but I am confident of those circumstances were identical them I would be growing just like he does


Just beautiful! What strain was that one?


I’m growing two plants at a time now in 2x4 tents and I expect nothing less than 10 oz per tent


Girl Scout Cookies Extreme by ILGM


Nice tdubz , only net trellis in there or you have some type of training rail and how long you veg for your 2x4


That picture above was taking up a 3x5 space in a 5x5 tent. I’ve swapped things up since then.

My veg and flower times usually resemble each together…About two months veg time from seed


I’m building a training rail for future use and labeling it on ,where to tie main branches and sub branches and also a 4x4 scrog thinking one 15gal pot should do it in a 4x4-5x5 foot print with a Gavita Pro 1650e LEd


Net only, but I’m done with my old scrog practices

I will no longer tie the plant to the net or weave the plant into the net. What a pain

I will simply break (super crop) the branch and tuck it back under the net and never attach the plant to the net in any way


I’m to the point I’m done training lol, or want to minimize it.

The pic above sometimes required two hours a night of training

I know a good grower out of Canada that just takes a big heavy metal screen and throws it on top of a big plant.

The plant is forced to hold the weight of this heavy screen all while the screen twist and break the branches of the plant as a result of supporting the screen.

6 weeks into flower he just takes the screen back off (it’s not connected to the plant) and continues to grow out the plant.

Even though I’m not gonna throw heavy objects on top of my plant, it’s the idea of not ever permanently connecting the plant to the screen is my focus



Nothing crazy heavy


You need about a total of 16 square feet, like a 4x4 tent. But you could grow in a 2 x 8 tent as well.

You need the proper amount of light intensity for 16 sq. ft.

And you need a decent producing strain. Some strains can do it in a smaller space, and some might need a little bigger space.

Running hydro would probably help as well, growth just tends to be faster and more robust in hydro. But it is very possible for some soil growers.

I suppose if you are in a smaller space, then you are looking for at least an ounce per square foot.

And a Screen Of Green, or horizontal trellis of green, is also a big help to maximize your indoor plant’s potential.

happy growing,



I will see if I can get some picture this weekend but my close friend that I do the genetics for runs 2 plants in an 8x8 room and pull easy more then lbs per plant. Just DWC , gas light , full term ,and well the rest can’t really share as it’s not mine to share. We done it over and over not fancy. In the end your buds will not grow any bigger then the branch can support some what. You want bug buds you need big bones


And this is true also @hashone for one pound…more or less.

I will never get that yield in a 2x4 so I incorporated two tents

If I had a wide open space for a 4x4 I would definitely have a tent like that. I could open it all the way around and work on the plant from all directions.

My grows space isnt suited for it therefore scrogging in rectangles like the 2x8 @macgyver_stoner talks about our the 2x4 that I have.

It allows me access to the back of the plant from the front door of the tent and don’t have to fully open it.

If I grew outdoors it would probably look something similar to this lol

Easy to maintain plants in a rectangular shape in my opinion


I found some really good techniques reading this book written by Don of DNA Genetics using techniques from the West Coast masters to achieve these results some good stuff in this book


I constantly get 270 g plus and often pull 350 to 500 of plants I veg for 10 -12 weeks .I flower them when they are 28" tall to get that tho.and I do as muck lst as I can to lower profile and widen the plant and clean up the bottom of the plant heavily


I just pulled 507 off a kens kush from GDP and got 650 plus off a gdp a c yrs ago


I would hope to pull 2.25 lb off a 4x4 with 1500 w hps