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2 beautiful ladies from a friend -- cross between LSD/G13


Hi guys and girls, Have a little bit of a dilemma I just received 2 beautiful ladies from a friend, the problem is… that it is a cross between LSD/G13 he says he created this strain, he Has been growing for years … so how do I find out what strain this is and most importantly has those strains been crossed before …? Hopping some of the smart people here could help…

Happy growing

What are your favorite strains to grow?

Until you stabilize the genetics it almost doesn’t matter if it was crossed before… It could be anyone of any multiple phenomes of each… do you know if it was the original cross or was it back crossed… this is a breeder question… I have some male land race Afghani I want to cross but that is later and won’t be seeds for a while as I am crossing an outdoor and that will be 5 months to harvest… I will see who is here that has bred before… Also leafly is a good source and wikileaf…


And welcome to the forum @bossstew… I am just finding my way around here myself… I am an outdoor living soil guy and I love to extract… I even do home pet supplements so any questions I will do what I can…


I forgot to mention the female was the LSD male G13… :seedling:


Am a indoor hobbyist (ladies in tent) and now I just put the two unknowns outside, would love to grow all year round outside but unfortunately it gets a little too cold here lol


We have some friends over at Medicinal Genomics that can help with genetic sequencing and truly determine what the genetics of your plant are, if you are interested.


That sounds like a good place to start :+1:t2::grin:


Right on! I just emailed the folks over at Medicinal Genomics. In the meantime, here’s a link to their site and all they offer:


A big thank you brother … much appreciated


Love to have their number!! How much does sequenceing cost? Love to see if the guerilla glue that’s around is the real cut from jose


Man I’d love to submit some stuff to get tested to them. Price is a little steep for me right now - perhaps next year… that would give me a chance to do another round of back crossing first. $600 for the cheapest testing option. At some point I will definitely want to avail myself of their services. If it was $300 I would do it right now. :smiley:


Not exactly clear on what the dilemma is… do you not trust what he tells you, e.g. that he created the strain ,or that’s its of the genetics he describes??? One issue I see is what is meant by LSD? is it Lemon Sour Diesel from MedMen? or is it the Skunk/Mazar cross? G13 is a classic Indica supposedly created by the US government… I would just look up the mother and father of the cross on As well, that site has a map of strain crosses to see if it’s been done before.

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I think he means LSD from I Love to Grow Marijuana (ILGM)


Or Barneys farms lsd


Hi there, not that I don’t trust him far from it… I just wanted to know if there was a strain out there with LSD (female) and G13 (male) … just wanted to know what terpenes are in this genetics…


Well, it would be difficult to find out if someone pollen chucked those strains and made their own cross. You could do searches on different grow forums, tho. Also, check out They have a huge listing of strains, and you could put in a request to see if anyone’s made it.
Also, like I mentioned, look on


That’s me. I think I’m a week behind here. It took 4 posts to figure out I’m a Hobbiest. Lol. But really found out this morning when trying to change my username. Lol