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I want to announce a side by side photo contest. So far the only side by sides we have are the ones I did on some treasured seeds that were passed to me at that time from an old friend. These photos were taken in 2009. The seeds and the soil were inoculated. URB works as a cloning formula as well. I wish I didn’t delete my old gmail with some of the roots I was pulling out of my clonex. For now all we have is some photograph’s of roots after 10 days in a turbo clone.

Right now we have a few trials running and will have photographs soon. I would like more. I want to see root mass, and green rich flourishing growth compared to the control of the leading market brand. To make that happen either use promo code “grower” for 10% off at URB or PM me for some sample product.

Prizes? I am thinking of some good ones. Here are some of my ideas. We are going to hold contests with the highest grossing hydroponic supply store which offer all expenses paid round trips to Jamaica. I will have to run it by the team for here, depending on the involvement we generate that could be an option.

Others I am thinking of.
-We could offer a years supply of URB
-We could offer an all expenses paid trip with us to a trade show or canna related event.
-We could offer a $1000 gift certificate to or a prepaid visa to use how you please

  • We could offer all expenses paid trips to the cannabis cup

Maybe just leave the option up to you. The thing is I want this to be a community led, worthwhile promotion with lots of involvement and a solid reward for your bold trials and the extra effort it takes to document the difference. Right now I am thinking if we can get 15 grow operations on board for the contest then we can make this official. I am open to ideas for prizes so if you want to get in on this just post here and we will take it from there. Here are some photos from the past and from one guy working with our stuff…

This was an OG seed collection I got from a true OG friend of mine in LA. He had been holding on to them for a couple years and based on the product I was bringing him he trusted them to me These were taken in 2009. The best thing to note here is not only the size difference but the difference in color as well. Don’t judge me on the thirsty mothers in the back ground :slight_smile:

This seems to be the same pictures of the og and looks like Steve our website guy and product shipper labeled the pictures all as chemdawg. I think the one on the left is chemdawg at least. The leading brand that I was using at the time was the more of an “industry secret” mycogrow from Mr. Stamets and his brand Fungi Perfecti

This guy has some upcoming side by sides in his garden. Just got the product last week. Going to run it from clone through harvest… I am hoping he has another set of cuttings that he isn’t going to inoculate at cutting. :slight_smile:

Apparently… he is stoked on these roots after 10 days. Claims the are much thicker than the previous run he did without saying the first time was very small thin roots and that one of the clones has full on 4 inch roots.

So let me know what everyone thinks. As you can see we have pretty weak photo results. I know this is just due to the time and effort it takes to document all this so if you are game to get in on this I think we can offer up a pretty solid reward for your help.

Greenest regards,



Hey Cody,
Just a quick update. I must admit I was more than a little skeptical when I signed up for trying URB out - and I expressed my reservations to you. However, my side-by-side test was a “no contest.” After the first week/first application, compared to the control plants, the URB plants were noticeably bigger, greener, and overall happier. So I abandoned the test and now every one of my little girls is drinking URB. The ones that didn’t get the juice have pretty much caught up with the others so no “before and after” pix. Sorry. Thanks for turning me on to this stuff.

Here’s a quick little vid of this generation waiting for their home to be completed…

Here’s their future home - should be move-in ready by the end of the week…



Thanks for your participation and for “braving” an experiment on your crops. I can relate to seeing the health difference this product makes for the first time. There is so much “snake oil,” Mcdonald’s steroid bullshit, or extremely watered down egg shells and manure out there. I love that your state department of AG has a stop sales list. I promise you we will never be on that list. I was aware of the nutrient scams back then, aware of the importance of soil health, I would let my soil sit out through winter, tarp it, amend it in the spring, and reuse it. I thought I had a competitive edge and industry secret with the less commercial mycogrow I was using.

When I saw the those stretching fanned perfectly green leaves and just a strange frequency of healthy vibration emanating from my plants only a week in… I knew I had something unique.

Unfortunately most of our “side by side” trials end up just like your’s. The grower ends up seeing what you saw and immediately feels that he or she is neglecting his other girls and feeds them all. Jim Parco of Mesa Organics in CO and founding member of the NACB is running a test with us right now, 24 plants in a separate tray fed from a 100 gallon separate reservoir than the “control”. It is being ran from a few weeks into veg all the way to the testing lab. That will be our first real deal trial run with all the photographs and THC/CBD % increases that we need. Either way, thank you for your participation, glad to have helped you improve your operation. You will always be considered an early adopter and I think you will be happy about that for reasons more than your harvest results. :slight_smile:

You have some beautiful land out there. The fact that it looks like my hometown and is much cooler, really has me looking to come check it out…maybe even move.

Thanks again,



Got some news in from the PhD Master Grower from Mesa Organics in Colorado.

This was a new venture for us. Hydroponic EBB & Flow system, very minimal input, under LED’s, in recycled glass. I didn’t have much data on hydroponic grows and wasn’t completely sure how we would do. Since it was a new venture, I lived dangerously and offered up a feeding regimen that was 1/2 of our current advised rate for hydroponics 2.5ml per gallon at every flush. Which here was every 2 weeks. I am happy with his response. The test was only 4 weeks long in flower. Tests to come on the babies in the pictures from clone to flower. He had this to say…with actual data on THC/CBD % increases to come soon.

"Hey Cody, I’m not sure if Dr. Flood received any pictures from me. I’m forwarding them to you just incase… I will get pictures off them as we harvest tomorrow for you…I have seen an increase in trichome production on this harvest vs. last one…I stopped using Diamond nectar completely, Which is a humic acid additive also… I did not see any decrease in nutrient uptake or any negative reactions from the plants by doing this. Once we harvest i will get back to you with more detailed information along with the potency test difference.

Thanks Cody,

Best, Greg "

Here are some pictures. Another one in the books, who else wants to pioneer our development and test us against our claims. It’s free :slight_smile: More pictures and awaited testing results to come!