5x5 + 2x4 Grow tent

Question? With 1 portable AC. What would be the best way to maintain resonable temps in a Garage in 1) 5x5 and 1) 2x4 Grow tent?

Info: AC is venting warm air out the dryer duct leanding outside.
Lights: mars hydro ts2000 in 2x4…mars hydro ts E6500 in 5x5
Vent Fans: 6inch fan in 2x4 to vent heat…8inch in 5x5

Currently: AC connected to 2x4.(vents out the top when temps hit 80)
Duct running from 2x4 to 5x5… will vent out the top

More questions: should I put a timer to the 5x5 outvent to remove the old air? Maybe every 15-20 min?

Strain- Alcapulco Gold

Any advice would be greatly appreciated :pray:t5:

(Haven’t posted in a while, Been missing the fun! Lol)
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Howdy @pressure_42o

My advice, that might help is, get your incoming air from the lowest coolest area in your house coming into the garage. I would even go as far as some sort of cool room before it reaches your main room, the garage. So best option would be to remove the 80 F temp air as fast as possible. Lets see what others have to say. That is my 2 cents.


Its needs to be vented constantly to stay cool. Just run the fan and no timer. Weather it changes the air temp or not you want the fresh air exchange happening all the time. And adjust from there


@pressure_42o I always struggle with temps in my tent during summer. Are you growing with soil or hydro?
Struggle Bus


Coco mix with happy frog


My current set up… 5x5 not running yet
10 day old alcapulco gold…
Temps between 75-85 for the most part


For my environment I do my best with a portable AC unit. I grow with DWC and I use 1 liter plastic bottles filled with RO water and keep them frozen. When my rez temp hits 72 degrees I just drop one in and 30 minutes or so later all is well. Since I grow one plant at a time it works for me. No moving parts except my lazy ass :wink:


So Im still dealing with extreme heat (100+) for about 4-5 hours a day… My temps been hovering around 81 outside those 4-5hours.

I planted 2 Critical Mass that turned out to be auto flowers(did not expect that)

I planted 2 Master kush and 3 Valentine x
My plan was to keep them in veg till Sept.(not gone work)

I also too clones because i was bored one day…

This my little mess of a grow lmao

Clones I took while bored…(too many)all alcapulco gold

The auto flowers master kush valentine x Acapulco gold


Starting to walk back the light schedule 12 12/ cutting 1hr-2hr per week


1WEEK after cloning

I wanna clone the Master Kush also… but I may be taking on too much…lol


Is there a way u can just tarp off a 8x10 area of the garage so just that area stays cooler have the tents in the cool room. I don’t much struggle with heat issues as I do humidity during summer running portables and window air adds a massive amount of humidity in my house. Lol. As long as the tents stay in the 80s not much over 87 they should do plenty good if all other variables r in line. Hell outside plants see 90s plus and do super well. As long as the other shit is in line the heat shouldn’t be much an issue. Where there’s a will there’s a way lol. U’ll finger it out


My tents are right under my Garage door… I caint tarp it off unell i stop using my garage


Good things are in the horizon… I think I tinkered with my set up enough… yesterday was 103 outside and my tents stayed under 85…night time dropped to 76!!! Im excited over temperatures!! Lmao

I also went ahead and cut 4 clones from my master kush… I know I dont have the room but ill work it out later…


Not bad


My little Trees. Changed light cycle to 12-12
The stretch has been real


Critical Auto flower are being trimmed

So far the smallest auto 14.53g


So I forgot to post the rest about the autos… Total weight dried was 38g. Smoke is POTENT but Meh no wow factor as far as taste

Drying took 9 days, currently in a jar being picked out of! Lmao

My Regulars:


Looking good, nice and full!


They have Grown like weeds!!:eyes::joy::rofl:

The clones I took earlier last month are taking off!!
Left to right- x6 Alcapulco Gold and x4 Master Kush

My big Babies:
In the back x3 Valentine X (the tallest)
Middle x2 Master Kush
Front x2 Alcapulco Gold


I bought some biodegradable nursery bags from Amazon like 100 bags for like 8 bucks or so believe they r 3x6 or 4x6 and I can keep a plant small and living for a long time in them. They basically do like a fab pot and self prune unless u have the bags sitting in a try of runoff then roots will grow in the runoff water if it stays wet enough but I’ve had nothing but success using nursery bags to keep plants living and on the smaller side. I’ve had clones small cuts get rooted and put into them and been like 6 months of growing and they r only like foot and a half tall and thrive well.


I bought a pack of the 1gal fabric pots from amazon…came with 20 for $17… I was thinking about the nursery bags, but Ive had good success with the fabric so as they say: if it aint broke…dont fix it​:rofl::joy: