A friendly hello, here's my little grow

Hello everyone, I figured it was about time I made a post to introduce myself to all of the members here and to maybe show a little bit of what I have going on at the moment.

I’m Stevie
I’ve been hanging around in the background for a bit now, not saying much which is my usual, just reading up on things, trying to catch myself up to everyone’s progress. There sure are some nice grows going on out there. Nice. Keep posting the pics. I love seeing them

A bit about me and my setup. I’m new to growing indoors, this will be my first time, a 43 y/o virgin :nerd_face: so any and all advice, tips, recommendations etc. is welcome. I am in the process of repairing and renovating a new grow area but there is still much to do and a ways to go so for the time being my grow is crammed into an uninsulated garden shed, with winter coming, on the prairies in Canada. Yeah. Things could be better. (I say crammed in but it’s a 12x16 shed, a fair amount of room but I seem to be a bit of a hoarder. I hate throwing shit out, I always need it right after I do.

Moving on, I am growing in tents, at least for now, currently a 3x3 lumo-x tent, 600d fabric economy price tent for veg and a 2x2 Mars Hydro, 1680d heavier fabric tent for flowering. I also have a 4x4 Mars Hydro tent (my tents get bigger with every buy lol) but don’t intend to set it up until in the new location unless absolutely needed. And as a last resort against the cold nights coming I bought a super small 36x20x62 tent that will fit in a closet indoors that can still be hidden from my nephews.

Flowering tent has 1 bloom plus 1000 (90.4w) led and 1 Mars Hydro TS 1000 (150w) running side by side, 12/12 light schedule, 4 days into flower

Veg tent is running an FC 3000 (303w) which I am not overly impressed with to be honest. Light schedule is 18/6 with the oldest plants, the ones trimmed, being about 3-4 weeks

Not intending to use this grow unless needed is a 100w Optic LED Cob light, but I may end up using it yet, I keep popping seeds. It becomes a bit of a compulsion, how do you all keep seeds and not have to pop them?

As for my ladies themselves, at least I’m hoping they’re all ladies, here are a few shots showing a bit of the variety

Full Veg Tent

Big Bud Fast Fem (Trimmed)

Acapulco Gold (Trimmed)

Acapulco Gold (Untrimmed)

Acapulco Gold Seedling

Afghani Seedling x2 (1 under cup)

Full Flower Tent
Big Bud Fast Fem

Dwarf Low Flyer Auto Fem

New additions

Group Shot

There are a few others hanging around here and there, some still sprouting too but nothing much else to show for now


Nice setup @stevie. Everything’s looking good! I’m a little curious why you trimmed up your little Big Bud and Acapulco Gold plants. At that size and age it’s better to leave as many fan leaves on your plant as possible. I’d wait till your plants were well into Veg to start trimming them up.


Welcome to the community and your set up looks awesome. :star_struck: :heart_eyes:

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Wait did u say that u were a 43 yr old virgin ? I know it doesn’t matter but why ?

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lol maybe to growing…

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Stevie’s an indoor growing virgin shmody lmao


…lol…that was hilarious @shmodyshmott


Ohhhhh wow I’m an idiot

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Well I’m no Casanova but yeah, a virgin to growing only :slight_smile:

The 2 I trimmed up are just a bit of an experiment in making a manifold, I’ve never done it before (make a manifold that is just to be clear lol), they do seem to be handling it alright so far though. The BB is no worry, I have seeds, but I’d rather not kill The AG.
The BB is the oldest at 4 weeks or so, it was topped at something like the 6th or 7th node, it was just a short bushy plant that had gotten lots of light


Is that smart pot in the middle producing more than the others? Was it started at same time as others?

Smart pot allows more air flow and drainage while feeding…brilliant design

@lvweed It is/was. The larger ones were started at the same time roughly yeah, others added later

The airpots I definitely like, but way expensive. I bought 4 of them just to try, the problem is they’re way too small, 0.8 gallons, lol I must have been high as shit when I ordered them, I thought they were 8 gallon, thought I was getting one hell of a deal. Oh well they’re great starting pots

The plant is a Dwarf low flyer auto, I noticed a couple of days ago that she wasn’t too happy, wanted more room but didn’t want to replant for numerous reasons, first week of flower, no more decent dirt, didn’t want to mix with my coco etc. Long story short, I didn’t want to stress her out to much.

And then tonight, during our alone time, she showed me her true self

Oh My!

That is what I think right?

Yes that’s a boy my friend

Noob question

If I were to pinch them off would they just grow back again? Or am I correct in assuming I would just be risking the others and am better off simply ditching her/him now

No get rid of it he will just keep producing pollen sacks


Wow has it really been over two weeks since I updated? My apologies, here goes.

Here is my veg tent when I got back from fishing for the week, a bit bushy, it has since been trimmed, butchered really but they’re tough little soldiers, they’ll be fine. I’ll get a pic later

And here is my flowering tent, it has since gained an auto, making the total 4 plants. Will also get another pic later


A few close shots


A day or so after the slaughter and everyone looks fine


Looking excellent! For a virgin for growing indoors you’re doing amazing! Oh and I had a question. How did you get that little Green ring around your one plant in your veg room? Are you going to use it to LST?

That ring is the bottom ring of a Trellis for tomato’s, I just snipped it off and shortened to the correct length. It was put in when the plant was a seedling but you could still put it in later without hurting the roots too much. Honestly though it doesn’t work as well as I would have liked, the plants fight back too much and pull it out of the coco. I need to anchor it better when planting next time.
Yeah I plan on doing plenty of LST and some HST, I’ve developed this fascination with mainlines and manifolds so the plants are being bent to my will and liking, it’s a real house of horrors some nights, so far everyone is surviving