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About the CBD Merchant Account category


This category is for CBD Merchant Account to post news and answer questions about their services. We have @CBDMerch on the community available to help you out. Feel free to @ tag them in your questions to alert them.

CBD Merchant Account is very proud to launch as the exclusive low cost and reliable payment processing partner to the CBD and hemp industry. CBD and hemp products currently fall into a grey area whereby both government and financial institutions do not label them illegal but will not endorse them because of associations to marijuana. It has been particularly difficult for CBD businesses to find a reliable source for payment processing. Over a course of 2 years, CBD Merchant Account has worked diligently to secure and develop the perfect bank relationships in order to support and enable the CBD industry. CBD businesses can now have an open and reliable payment processing platform where qualified products can be sold, processed, and funded without worry.

Even though we are a new company our team consists of highly-seasoned veteran industry experts in the vape, vapor, and e-cig market. Our past experiences gave us the foresight to recognize the need for a reliable merchant service provider in a market segment that is experiencing similar growth to that of the e-cig market some years ago. We are focused and dedicated to servicing CBD and Hemp businesses and invite you to partner with us by allowing CBD Merchant Account to process your payment transactions.

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