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Download the product info sheet here Silicic Acid Terpene Enhancer.pdf (23.8 KB)

Hello! We are seeking testers for another new product and this one is VERY exciting as we have a new nutrient that isn’t even on the market yet. In fact, it’s so new it doesn’t even have a name. Here’s a little info:

  • It’s a Silica + Terpene product.
  • It’s a new nutrient that combines silicic acid + potassium and naturally occurring compounds. Think Aptus Fasilitor + Terpinator.
  • 6 bottles available (1 bottle per tester)
  • They are 1L products. Product can be used in Veg + Flower for best results.
  • NPK: 0-0-1

If you’ve already applied to our test lab, you are already eligible for consideration. If you have not yet applied, click the button below, answer a few questions, and you’ll be added to our pool of eligible testers. Instructions on how and where to post updates will be included here after testers have been selected.

Testers will be chosen randomly from our pool of applicants.

And as I mentioned above, this product still needs a name. You can send me your suggestions and we’ll pass them on for consideration!


  • Resident of the continental US
  • Must commit to post weekly updates through duration of test

You can check out more equipment here!


Sure I’d be interested

Brett Z.
[email protected]

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Call it tar pit, or la brea,

you could come up with some cool graphics, but since it helps release and increase the plants naturally occurring oils, and smells, like terpinator, and it helps with killing fungal infections and affects the insects that are attacking the plant, like fasilitor, and the tar pits are basically natural oils and they smell, not well but they definitely smell, and they help get rid of natural predators to us humans, like the sabertooth tiger etc. Idk probably dumb lol.

I’ll test it

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