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I really don’t know what she is doing!!. I don’t know why the all four parts are looks different!!. :face_with_monocle:

It seems like it could have started flowering very early and then went into re-veg perhaps?


You’re right. So could you tell me the resone why the flowering happen so early please? I noticed that even on the male plants?!!

image image image image image image image image image

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Best advice I got as a new grower years ago, was some plant don’t need to be saved, just start fresh, pop some new beans or get a fresh cut from a trusted source! Just keep growing.


I respect what you learned, but have a swift insight on what is in the link below.

The “FERTILITY” is important, It’s nearly same as “Hen’s eggs” as what the most of people known, and as what I known from my father about that. So the hen could produce eggs even if there is no “FERTILITY”, but as I noticed, it’s possible to cultivate unfertilized plant seeds!.

However, the “FERTILITY” definitely is important!.

How to Pick Male Plants and Make Cannabis Seeds | Grow Weed Easy



Ok know!!. Do you think the weird growth happening on that Italian female because that pollen, which I utilized it on her from the Lithuanian male previously, as well?

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The plant is confused. It does not know if it should go into vegetative growth or bloom. I presume you want it to go into vegetative growth. Give it 22-24 hours of light per day. I presume you are giving it less. Am I right?
It looks like an Indica. Be patient, it will come around. Indicas take longer to regenerate than Sativas.


You’re right, the light cycle was on 12-12, and I adjusted it to 22-24 now as you ordered.

Yes right, she’s might be kind of “INDICA” as you analyzed, but the reason why I excluded that she is not might be, because her mother’s bud shape. Yes?

Her mother’s bud shape was looks like the same as shown exactly in the picture below, because they all already came together and was in one jar. And, her seed’s shape which she is sprouted from, was looks like that kind of seeds which I selected on the picture.

Could you tell me, What is the difference between the INDICA & SATIVE seeds please?

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As for the bud shape leading you believe it was a Sative, I would say your growing technique has room for improvement. It’s a rather spindly looking plant. It did not live up to its potential.
Generally, Indica seeds are larger and more colorful (like the seeds you circled) than Sativa seeds.
Keep at it. You’ll learn.


Great, and I really appreciated you for the guidance, analyzed, and your tips so much.

So do you think I did a mistake when I chopped the upper part, instead of trimming only her buds?

Hard to tell what you did from here. (I don’t think chopping the top was a “mistake”.). Way too early I would say and a nutrient deficiency or overload. I have found that Indica needs a lot less nutrients than Sativa. Practice, practice and practice some more.


I copped the upper part in that level of growth because two reasons.

• The buds looks like ready for harvest as shown and I learned from some of the educational websites.
• To let the bottom buds grow in full.

Tell me please if there is something more than that growth?

Educational websites are great but personal trial and error experience is better.
Best of luck to you.


You too, and I really appreciated you for guidance, analyzed, and your tips so so much.

I’ll keep all what you taught me in mind.

I confused, What is your goal? If your breeding or growing for bud you should veg everything out for a month or 2 at least.I prefer 18 hour light and 6 dark for them to rest. Then start the “Bloom” at a 12/12 once your ready to flower out. If you kept them at 12/12 the entire time you must have interrupted their dark cycle which is why you have the “Confused” and odd growth. Even a second of light interrupting the dark cycle will tweak out the plants. I agree with its1080p , you’d save time if you tossed em and started over. Once the plants get like that it takes 3-4 times longer to get them back into a healthy state in veg.

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I noticed that I adjusted the timer on 20-24 by a mistake, but I hope it’s adjusted on 22-24 now!!.

You’re right!!. But have a insight on what @tamarindotradingco analyzed might be.

And you’re double right, she bloomed that new flower and that one before which is on the opposite side, because the timer was remained on 12/12!.