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Adding dead fish to your media?

I’d love to hear you guys chime in on this.

“quick question I noticed when I was out of town and met a few Growers they told me they put whole fish in the bottom of their plants. around flowering. So when I came back home I didn’t have any fish to throw into the bottom so I tried bananas potatoes in a few pieces of chicken gizzard. It really boost the growth of my plants less nutrients they needed, the nodes we’re really tight and solid. I also did a few plants without it just to get a comparison. They weren’t half as big half is tight and they needed more nutrients. What do you think??? Is this something I can continue doing or…”


I don’t think the plant can actually use anything from that fish. The things he’s throwing in there would be considered “whole food”. All matter needs to decompose over months to break down into parts that are actually usable to the plant.


Perhaps you are discovering the myth that water and chemical are the same as soil?


That is how Native Americans taught the pilgrims how to plant corn (and, I imagine, other crops).
I would think it’s time-proven .


… My grandmother did that with spectacular results. Small garden with huge output. According to this guy you can get good results in a short period of time —>.


Biodynamic gardening, for all it’s (misunderstood?) controversies, probably made adding fish to your soil a widely known practice. Maybe it comes from Hugelkultur, or even older. you can buy fish hydrolysate at teh grow store, which is also basically the same as adding a fish to the bottom of your grow bed, eh?


Fish is a fantastic organic fertilizer that has been used for centuries. By putting the fish into a liquid form, the nutrients are more readily available to the soil microbes, as well as the plant roots. SaferGro’s Aqua Power is derived from ocean fish. Aside from being a 5-1-1 Organic fertilizer, it is loaded with Trace Minerals and Micro-nutrients. There are over 40 minerals, vitamins and amino acids in Aqua Power , such as iron, selenium, zinc, calcium, copper, manganese, vitamins A, B 12, E, Thiamine, Riboflavin, Folic Acid to name just a few. Most of these are in a chelated form, meaning they are readily available to the plant.
So that’s why Fish is such a great so way to feed your plants.


Dayum! @SaferGro spoken like a true AFISHianado! - Hope that works on veggie plants as well…good stuff!


How did you know that I was an aFishiando ? That’s what my wife says!
Yes, we helped my wife’s aging mother with her garden and she had purchased some very sickly looking tomato plants from a dollar store.
We planted them before she went on a cruise and applied Aqua Power.

She was so surprised to see the results when she returned. Big bushy plants with dark green leaves and a lot of boom sets for her future pickings!!


@SaferGro Sounds like you hooked a good catch of a wife. I’m going to add this tip to my tackle box. Thanks!


That’s a great one :rofl:


I totally forgot about KNF::

Fish Amino Acid (FAA)


Equal parts:

  • Brown Sugar
  • Chopped up fish refuse (get fish waste, like heads, tails, skin, and guts, from your local supermarket or fish market).


  • Mix ingredients together well so that the fish surface is well covered with sugar.
  • Put a layer of brown sugar on top and press down hard, in this way creating an anaerobic sugar “seal.”
  • Cover with an airtight lid.
  • Wait 3-6 months.
  • Separate the liquid through a strainer and store. FAA will get more powerful with every passing year.