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Agricultural Show to debut Cannabis

So recently it was confirmed by our local Agricultural Society that “cannabis” can be included into our 112th Agricultural show. For a conservative farming area this is an amazing opportunity. Not only may cannabis vendors attend with their legal products and services but also may enter cannabis plants for judging.

The Bathurst Agricultural Show has been run since 1848 and is the largest agri show of its kind in South Africa. Last year I managed to convince them that it was my legal right to enter cannabis as an agricultural crop. So I entered two cannabis plants into two different categories and also entered my eggs. I won two first prizes and got 2nd place for my eggs.

What has really made my day is that cannabis is now on the show’s poster and one of my clients is a main sponsor. His logo is next two some of the biggest bankers in the country. If you would like to enter or know more information about the show that is lit and legit, click here.


That’s Awesome! And congrats on your wins last year!

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Thanks @zeus. This year I am not holding back. I am entering goats, pigs, cannabis and my eggs. Also entering the lawn mower race. I have psyched out the farmer who took first place for his eggs last year, told him I am tired of selling my eggs as the “2nd best” . And then of course cannabis. I am entering in a very special plant organically grown in a semi-hydro homemade pot. She will be well flowered by the time the show starts, 3,4,5, April.


Sounds like a lot of fun! Lawn mower races, I assume it’s a ride on mower race sort of thing? I’ve yet to see one of those haha. Your lady sure does look like a winner there too :wink:

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What does the homemade pot entail? Is it Coco coir by chance?

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Yes sir, a straight round and round lawnmower race.

She was looking terrible in that picture, hot summer days and had been munched by the chickens. I will post a new picture. Maybe get some advice here on what I am missing. I will post a picture, her leaves are yellowing heavily and the stems are purple. Unlike her sisters in soil. Magnesium, nitrogen? Here she is after a morning photo shoot, looking like a lighter shade of yellow.


I am a little over the top and try and do everything myself. I love everything homemade. Homemade pot is mostly all homemade, soil, compost, rain water, the “hydro” pot was also made at home and seems to be working like a dream for self watering.

If I could share a sauce I was gifted on Sunday, homemade chilli and garlic, you would freak. Its totally different to anything I have tasted, not your usual chilli sauce. Its made from some Ethiopian brown chillies I gifted the farmer not to long ago. Its reminds me of a watered down wasabi sauce. It goes on everything, fire sauce.


Sitting with hoppiefrog here, he said it could be sensitivity to light or ph issues if you’re feeding it, if not it could be nutrient deficiencies, but those are just possibilities. Possibly over fed which could lock out nutrients. Is it light feeder?

Also, those lawn mower races look incredibly fun lol.


That’s great, lots of pride with doing things homemade! I absolutely love hot sauce & garlic so I can only imagine the delishousness :grin:

Very light feeder, just good 'ol compost and tea. Hoping its not a ph issue, but I guess that is where it starts cause I need her to bud beautifully. The great thing about it being hydro is I can easily check the runoff water.


Hoppie said since it is a light feeder maybe try flushing it with ph’ed water . Ì suppose the run off test would tell you that though. He said he would still flush it though even if the ph is fine since its a light feeder. 1 quarter strength feed if possible. Hopefully it’s an easy fix!

You can call me the messenger :wink::joy: