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Am I really doing this again?

Hello ladies and gents. I am way out of practice. Studio 1031 in Oakland was my last thingy I had going. So here we go. Birthday was a few days ago. 3 beans of Blue Dream popped, only one bean of Banana Cake made it out of the womb. Will update this thread.

Born on Date :Sept. 19, 2021
Current RH: 66%
Current Temp: 23.3C (73.94 F)


Welcome @kbhmn. Lots of great info and people around here. Plants looking good.


So happy being here knowing that problems arise. I am no expert. just had some really good LUCKY runs in the past. I hope being here I can get the proper education I really need to be come a craftsman!! Thank you for your reply!!!


Update. 6 days old. 1st spritz of water today. No nutrients added. Waiting for some vermicast to come in.


@kbhmn welcome to the forum! :wave: nice set up.


I have one bean of banana cake rocking too!!!


okay did transplants into 3 gallon bags. And now have a garden full of tacos. Help!!
EDIT: Other posts seem to indicate environment. I allowed the room to warm up a bit so cranked up the air conditioning to cool bring down the temp. VPD?

Current temp 78F
RH 55%


Do you have it blowing right on them? Your right man … they are eating at the Bell tonight arent they. I’m not the coco man but dang… how’s pH and you can definitely bring your humid up too. 78° is fine too… Shit even 60 really so it ain’t that… unless you had it at 100° all day ya know… but it seems you have way more knowledge then letting that happen. That’s the ones from 2 weeks ago? And nice meeting you too man bye, we’ve not chatted B4… welcome to the last forum you’ll ever need… LoL
Oh n… paper tape works good on inside corners unless that panel board painted over… hard to tell in the pic. LoL


It’s a wood closet built into the wall. It’s temporary while it takes me forever and a day to figure out how the darned 4x4 tent goes together, (Frame was no issue but how to wrap the canvas onto the frame is a puzzle still) Water (no nutes added) in the beginning was too high at what I found out to be about 7.5… so now mixing down to 6.1 to water but still have not really added nutrients, just a micro- biological solution for now as the new soil got plenty of vermi-cast mixed in before transplanting.

Current temp is 71F and 53 RH.

The fan is a few feet away from the closet blowing in… the movement of the plant is nowhere near what I would consider harsh but I did move it about another foot back from the closet opening. Some of the fan leaves at the first node have flattened back out, but at the second node still pretty tacoe’d up pretty bad. I am also trying to closely watch new growth as that will show me how the transplants with vermi-cast are treating the ladies. I know not to panic. I know I can work this out. Just frustrating because when I was growing years ago I never had any taco leaf issues ever pop up EVER when I was running under HPS. I am stressing seeing the ladies in less than picture perfect form.

Just shot these photos as a right now update/ I also have a light meter app on my phone but I am sure it’s not as good at metering at something handheld from a camera store. But maybe the numbers on the footcandles and LUX might be useful to someone more experienced than myself for helping to diagnose what I am doing wrong with the environment. The app was measuring light at the level of the tops of the plants.


1.Thats way too to much fan. How moist are they?

  1. plants leaves taco like that because of too much light intensity. I can see your blasting them with light. Most cell phones auto dim picture brightness. Your lights looks seriously bright. Either dim them down or raise the light or lower your shelf. When i run my best light at full power 840 watts i push 95000k lumens at 24" i can actually bleach buds and leaves at this light level. Back off the light intensity and she should relaxe. when shes blooming thats when i start to increase the light level. More every week. I always have mine dimmed and at around 4-5 weeks of flower i turn my lights up to full power. To simulate the peak summer season light levels.

What brand of tent please. They can be confusing but usually the fabric goes up over the top once frame is assembled. Another way is lay the floor part of tent on the ground. Use the bottom frame parts only. Make the square inside the floor of the tent. Then build the rest of the frame up and complete it. Then lift tent fabric up over the top and zip the sides around the frame. Do not pull hard or force it. Youll bend the frame or rip tent stiching making light leaks.
Also can you show me the instructions for your tent? I can walk ya through it easy.


Okay thank you brother!!! I will order a dimmer immediately!!! In the meantime since I have both lights on, I will shut one off for now until the dimmer comes in.

I have the fan set on it’s lowest setting… so it just give them a gentle bit of movement, but I will pull the fan back as well until I see some improvement.

RH today is running at 67%

Will update!!

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The instructions are horrible and terribly vague… it’s from china. It’s a no-name brand. So far I have managed to find the floor and have the base of the frame in it squared away. The issue now is how to pull the rest up and around it. I saw on youtube someone putting together a tent and they advised to unzip every possible zip, and in doing so I think I made more of a mess of it adding to the confusion. I have a friend who is trying to come over so we can use 4 hands, but I an very grateful to you for your willingness to help!!! Right now I have misplaced the instruction sheet. If I can find it again I will try to shoot a clear picture of it and upload it.


You may have floor and top mixed up. I have huge tent and the main fabric has to go up on the top first. Un zipped makes it more confusing lol. Try and put it up over the top then zip the sides around. The tents can get tricky. But once you do it once your like duh thats easy. But its hard also ha… been there done that.


I gauged it to be the floor based on where the ventilation windows are according to the photo on the sales add. Hopefully when my girl can head over, 4 hands will be less clumsy than 2 hahaha


Ahh i see. Probably the over top kind then. Its been like 2 yrs since i put a 4x4 tent together. I have 7 tents. 4 of which are 4x4 tents. Gorilla tents are my favorite. Strong and light.

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Tacoing not improving. I backed off the light, and the fan. Fed in some CALMAG at 6.4pH

Current temp: 75F
RH: 66

Last night I trimmed off the fan leaves that looked the most wasted. The newest seedlings seem to be doing alright with only the slightest tacoing.

I have searched high and low on forums all over the net regarding tacoing and there are SO MANY conflicting replies it seems that no one really know what causes this. I am starting to get stressed to say the least.