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🍃 AMA with Brian Gandy of SAGE Lighting Thursday, August 15th at 11 AM PST

We are here to help in that mission :fist:


I can get behind that!

Thanks for making this an awesome and informative AMA. We all really appreciate you!



Man it is my pleasure. Thanks again for the opportunity!


Definitely appreciate it. Good things to come in the future! Thanks for taking time to chat. :+1::grin:


What do you think about ‘ambient light’ (low wattage) growing? I know the yields would be drastically different, but I’d like to run it as an experiment on 1 plant and see what happens. Any thoughts?

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You could try this with Autoflowers and see what kind of yield you get. I know people who grow for extracts at 450 mmol and turn out AMAZING product. You start running into metabolic issues at too low of light levels i.e. root rot from not pulling enough moisture from media, strange stretch response from too low light etc . Anything is possible though! Let us know what you find

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That’s what scares me from going to LED. I run MH and HPS and I just can’t afford to make a big switch with a family. That would suck to have it take a dump.

Hey i was really worried about that exact switch. But I JUST DID IT! And i have to say. Look at the LUX i tested.
This is the LUX from a MH at 400 watts.

And this the lux of 2 led light units together as one. One is a 260 watt 3000k and the other is a 310 watt w/red.

Even if you tripled up the 400 watts to 39000 lumens which is what a MH and HPS are out putting at 1000 watts. The 2 led units together at 250 watts each. They make a tiny bit more than DOUBLE of what 1 HPS @ 1000 watts for 500 watts price and not near as much heat! So far im impressed by the number and haveing to wear speacial glasses because that light is intense!

Here is a newer bigger version of what i have now.
Here is my light now this is a link to the video where Shane from Migro talks about a good way to guess what your PAR output is with an app. I’ve checked it against my quantum meter on a galaxy note 9 and dividing by 100 gave a pretty good guess. It’s not the same, but good enough to start with.

LED lighting is the future for indoor growers!! Thank you all for your knowledge about LED lighting… I only have a small indoor grow myself but know a few people in the cannabis Industry that I’ll definitely be passing this information into… After my blurple light is done I’m definitely going to invest in building my own LED and will be researching SAGE lighting further! Thank you all again :call_me_hand:

I am new to this forum and have just come across this thread.I use a CFL terrarium bulb with uva and uvb.I run it all day with my LED corncob bulbs 4000 kelvin.The 4000 keeps all short and compact and will go from birth until harvest. No blurple just white.I am waiting for Rugged Grade to add a bit of UV to their bulbs.
Nice thing about the uva/uvb bulb is I can turn it off and work during light cycle.
My 2 cents,

You might want to look at the 660nm and 730nm spectrum to your system. Those two would benefit you in the flower stages of the plants.