🍃 AMA With Dan Jordan Founder of Raywear Weds February 6th 11 AM PST

@memberdirectory this is TODAY Weds February 6th at 11AM pacific and you will not want to miss it

Who: Dan Jordan Founder of Raywear
What: Staying safe and protected in the cannabis industry.
Where: Right here
When: Wednesday, February 6th at 11 AM PST

RayWear Provides the Ultimate Protection for Cannabis Cultivators


Our dermatologist-approved apparel shields your skin from the most extreme light radiation environments.


RayWear is made from soft, breathable and durable fabric that’s comfortable enough to wear in any climate.


Each of our high-quality garments and accessories are sourced and manufactured on American soil.

What You’re Wearing Isn’t Enough

Most coveralls and other garments currently worn for cultivation were designed strictly for sanitation purposes and don’t provide protection against potentially harmful light radiation. Yet many cultivators aren’t aware that overexposure to light radiation can cause skin cancer, premature aging, ocular damage, and immune-system suppression. These workers mistakenly believe that if their bodies are covered, they’re also protected. Sadly, this is far from the truth.

RayWear Provides the Most Complete Protective Gear for Growers



Thank you GN for giving me this time and platform to help educate the community on light radiation risks in cultivation. Looking forward to some fun interactions.


I want to thank Dan for being with us today and hosting today’s AMA.

I want to kick off this AMA with a question back to our @memberdirectory: Are you worried about the effects of light radiation for growers? @growopowners: do you fear you may be sued by your employees in the future if they get diagnosed with skin cancer from working in your grow?

I know it’s a grim question, but this is a serious issue our industry could potentially face.

Happy AMA! Welcome @RayWearCC!


@RayWearCC, how did you get into this business? How real is the threat to growers from light radiation?


Hey @RayWearCC – thank you very much for hosting this Ask Me Anything! I suspect that the health risks of constant exposure to UV radiation in large grow operations are going to become increasingly obvious as the industry grows and more and more people learn the hard way that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Is your team aware of cases already on record of skin cancers, burns, and other health problems arising from this exposure source?


Hey @will.i.am, thank you for the question.

You would assume that would be the case, but sadly it isn’t. There is still this large misconception (specifically with indoor grows) that grow lights are not harmful to anything but your eyes, which is just simply untrue. Cultivation operations seem to know very little with regards to light radiation safety. You see most operations using sanitation coveralls, assuming they are protected but are not. We know growers with health issues related to light radiation, but with the industry moving further and further into the light, and with more and more people growing, the health issues will become more accelerated.


We actually created this infograph to better explain the real radiation risks in each specific environment
RayWearLightRisksInfographic_Final (1).pdf (1.8 MB)


Also, to your point, the concern is not just about UV radiation. Visible and Infrared (IR) play a major role in this conversation. We are learning more and more about what is affecting us. UV is the common culprit, but Visible , especially High Energy Visible (HEV) (400nm-500nm) operates in a very similar fashion to UV.




Do you predict legal issues will arise in the future from failure to protect workers in cultivation environments?


With out a doubt. Currently, growers really don’t understand that their work environment is causing them harm. Once workers figure this out, the liability issue for cultivation owners will dramatically change. We obviously want to keep workers from getting health issues, but sadly, it normally takes a serious incident or legal case for policies to change.


It would be great for insurance companies to offer incentives for better business practices and effective PPE standards for growers. A way to get owners to see the value in protecting their businesses by limiting their liability. But ultimately, growers need to want protection for themselves.


Hey @RayWearCC! First off, I dig the shirt! Incredibly cozy. And as a Irish-blooded resident of AZ and a previous solar-power installer, UV protection is a big deal to me.

Everyone in our industry loves cozy shirts, but your shirts/clothing do much more than that. My question is this:
How do you create a UPF 50 shirt and make it the coziest shirt I’ve ever owned?


Did you seek any patents when you were in the R&D phase of Raywear?

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HAHA…that is an awesome pic!!!

Firstly, thank you so much for the compliment. Yeah, you really can’t explain to someone how soft and comfortable our gear is without actually trying it on. We got very lucky when figuring out what fabrics protect against certain radiation. Some fabric is great for UV, but fails miserably with Visible and IR. It took some serious time and effort to find fabric that was 50+UPF (actually rated in the 100s, but legally can only say 50+ in the USA), that also dramatically decreases IR and blocks up to 99% of visible light.


Yes, our fabric is currently patent pending. We are hoping we get that finalized in this first quarter.


What other applications are you finding your product has? As an outdoorsman, I must admit here that I always wear Raywear. I swear as shameless as this plug sounds, it’s absolutely true: whether I am hiking or fishing or camping, I personally wear this product and love it. And to second Alex’s point: it’s ridiculously comfortable! have other niche industries figured out the value of Raywear?

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Hi @RayWearCC,

Coming from an Industry were Crew Safety and PPE were crucial to a smooth operation, and majority of the employees spending their time in the sun.

I would like to know even if we use the equipment provided by you, do we still need to use extra precaution like sunscreen?

Thanks in advance for the AMA.


Yeah, it is a wonderful problem to have…having a product with so much versatility and application. I am a SoCal guy who spent 17yrs in Las Vegas, so I love the sun and outdoors. Most of our customers get the shirt for their growing needs, but then our gear becomes everyday wear. We haven’t really pursued markets that aren’t cultivation. We are a smaller company and can’t really compete in multiple markets, so we are focusing on cultivation. But we are always happy to see our product protecting people, no matter what they are doing.


Great Question

I would say, that depends on your environment and how much of my gear you are wearing. I usually tell growers not to use sunscreen for multiple reasons

  1. Most don’t apply it properly
  2. Most don’t re-apply often enough
  3. Sunscreen gives you a false sense of protection, so you stay out in the elements longer
  4. It brings outside contaminants into a grow

But, if you are in construction or something, my gear will provide absolute protection where you are covered. Exposed areas should probably get some sunscreen.


Yes, I can relate with most people not knowing how to properly use sunscreen.
I come from a yachting career/background and as an OOW, seeing my younger crew exposed to the sun so consistently, (we chase the sun for guests), has me worried about skin cancer and other health issues.

Would also just like to know if you would ever consider going into the yachting industry?
Secondly, do you export all the way to South Africa, and if yes, is branding an option when purchasing your products.

Its great that I came across you now that I’ve joined the cultivation industry.