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AMA With Mike Ballard and Kyle Broge from Key To Life

We are announcing an Ask Me Anything with Mike Ballard and Kyle Broge from Key to Life for this Wednesday, August 22nd 2018 at 11 am MST .

Contact info:

“The Goal of Key To Life is to raise awareness of the chemicals that our crops & food are grown with! Offering the most pure, organic option for fertilizing that has a healthier impact on our children, planet and future. With organic, powdered fertilizer that, not only, increase quality, flavor and yield, but also save gardeners everywhere money on buying and shipping watered down nutrients. It opens your mind to the power of Mother Nature! Discover soil amendments that can actually clean the air we breathe by reducing CO2 emissions as well as conserving water!”


What are your thoughts on synthetic nutrient lines versus organic?


What distinguishes your products from your competition?


Our model is based upon the ideal that our growers success, is our success. We aspire to lead education and information with a real scientific basis. We strive to be the leader in organic technology. We offer a solution to fast-acting synthetics with plant-based organics. We offer fully soluble powdered nutrients, so our customers don’t pay for water, or pay to ship it. We don’t hide behind fancy cartoons or clever marketing. We are transparent, family owned, sustainably sourced, and US based; and we stand behind the notion that “we did not inherit the earth from our parents, we are borrowing it from our children”


I love the amendments, when can I get an organic base to try :slight_smile:


In organics vs. synthetics, there are a plethora of benefits of organics. We are understanding more and more that you can get the fast-acting effects that we all appreciate from synthetics from plant-based organic forms. In a 30 year study, it has been proven that organics are more profitable than synthetics. You have to input less and less over time, especially with today’s technology for monitoring soil content! Organics are the future. Synthetics are NOT sustainable over time, and lead to “killing” soils. Organics do the opposite.


Organic, plant-based base nutrients can be difficult to formulate. In particular, things like Iron, Copper, Molybdenum, and in particular, Phosphorus can be hard to come by in high concentration. If you want information on a plant-based micro-nutrient product and plant-based Calcium, visit or email [email protected]


Hi Kyle, it’s Phillip from L’Eagle. Just had to ask (again and again). I long for the day!
Solid answer


Once again, GNET has burning questions to ask that simply cannot wait…and they’re off and asking!


Mike and Kyle, thanks for being here today answering all our questions. :grinning:

How did you find your way into the nutrient business?


Hey Phillip!! Give me a call brother! I stopped by your facility and dropped off your order. I wanted to meet you and chat it up. I sent some samples of the products I’m talkin about, they should be on your doorstep sometime soon!! Hit me up, I would love to nerd out!!


Long story short, I worked at a microbiology lab after college, hated it, moved to colorado, got a job at a grow store, ran it for a year and a half, stumbled on Key to Life, and the rest is histort


Hey @kyle, thanks for hosting this AMA!

From your website:
“Our growers report an average savings of 30%+ using these products along with the Pro Tips from our Key To Life team!”

Could you elaborate on how those savings are accumulated and how your team helps with that?



Hi Kyle,

How long have you guys been supplying products for the cannabis industry? Was it part of your original business or did you transition into it?

BTW, great looking website!



Nice! Kyle, I know all too well what it’s like to work in a grow store :wink:

The good side of it is you pick up a ridiculous amount of knowledge very rapidly - you kind of have to if you are going to be asked every conceivable question under the sun pertaining to growing…and then some! You have to be an expert in order to dispense that knowledge! I can definitely appreciate how that sets the foundation for building a nutrient company!

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-We can state this for a couple of reasons

First and foremost, everything we offer from Key To Life are water soluble powdered nutrients so you’re not buying water!! Our active ingredient percentage is between 90-99% active ingredient as opposed to the 0.01-25% you get with liquid fertilizers.

Secondly, our application rate is low enough where you don’t have to buy near the quantity to be as effective. Our application rates vary from 1/8-1 tsp/gal of water

Lastly, our prices are considerably more affordable on the front end, making cost comparison a no-brainer!! All things considered, we are MUCH more affordable then our competition and are compatible with any system!!


Our company actually started as a Compost-Tea-Brewer company. Then we started supplying the products that went into the teas. Now, as the cannabis industry has evolved into using more compost teas and living organics, we have transitioned into supplying those growers and maximizing their quality and yield with high-strength, water soluble organic powdered nutrients!!


Absolutely!! And I doubled our sales in just under a year under the basis of knowledge, customer service, and making REAL recommendations based on properly diagnosing plant problems for my customers


Soluble is the way to go! It’s really hard to tell a farmer to use liquid fertilizers on acres of fields! Kudos!


Heyy @mike4 and @kyle ! Your AMA is already kicking off with a great start. Thanks for hosting this!:slightly_smiling_face:

Does KTL offer an integrated set of products and feed charts so growers can use your base nutrients, bloom boosters, microbes and other supplements without worries?

Success Coach

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