AMA with Rory - Head of Grower Support for Advanced Nutrients. Tuesday July 2nd 11AM PST

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Who: Rory - Head of Grower Support for Advanced Nutrients
What: First AMA on the GNET public side!
Where: Right Here
When: Tuesday, July 2nd at 11 AM PST


@roryadvanced, along with BigMike, he is arguably the most knowledgeable person when talking about growing cannabis in the Advanced Nutrients company.

Rory currently heads up the Grower Support department at Advanced Nutrients, a team of expert growers backed by Advanced Nutrients’ staff of PhD’s.The Grower Support Team provides full service support to Cannabis growers across the globe, from the smallest hobbyist to the largest grows on the planet, helping growers with plant problems, grow room design and literally every other facet of Cannabis growing.

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What date? I mean I can read. Now that it’s fixed. Lol


Today, in just a few minutes, right here!


Nice to see one on this side. Thanks!!!


For the winter grow to get more strength which advance nutrients or microorganism will be good to promote rapidly growth and healthy plant


OK @roryadvanced, how about we get started with how you and cannabis found each other?

And how did that lead to getting involved in the industry?


Oh wow. Its hard to say exactly where the story begins. Growing up in British Columbia in the 90’s, opportunities were always around.

The first plant I ever grew was a cutting an old strain here called Texada Timewarp when I was 13, I hid it in my mom’s garden. I ended up enjoying the flower from that and sold some of it at school haha. I was immediately hooked on cultivation.

By the time I was 16, I was working part time in a large grow here in the Lower Mainland and also learning as much as I could on the old forums (shut down by RCMP in 2006), which back then were the only ways to communicate with other growers.

I eventually started running some of my own grows here in BC and got the opportunity to bring largescale BC growing knowhow to Europe, where I spent a good part of my 20’s running some large warehouses. Eventually I came back to Canada and found my way to Advanced Nutrients.


Several products from our lineup would be suitable. For example, the Rhinoskin’s potassium silicate is used by the plants to build stronger cellwalls, which give it more resilience to things like weather changes.

Can you elaborate on what conditions you’re seeing during winter that you’re looking to overcome?


I’ve talked to quite a few people at advanced nutrients about the science behind your products. And they all talk about “triggering” The plants with the combination of the nutes into the stages of growth. How does this differ with auto plants.

Has AN ever considered creating a line specific to autos?


That is cool, I kind of started in my grandmother’s garden, ha ha.


Great question.

That is actually something we’re researching further.
Autoflowers are something we’ll see more of in the future.

For the small-scale home user who isn’t entirely concerned about Nasa-like efficiency in their grow, they’re extremely convenient. We could see it becoming a simple as somebody throwing a feminized autoflower seed into a container and growing it in their kitchen window and still seeing some kind of smokable result that they’re happy with.

On the commercial scale there are applications as well as we get to know the plant better and breed it more homogeneously.

The problem right now that we face with creating an “auto specific” nutrient is simply the wide range of genetic variance in autoflower plants these days. 10 years ago, they were plants that needed to be fed weaker and performed poorly/mediorce, but in 2019 you can grow all shapes and sizes.


at the moment autoflowers require a bit of creativity on the part of the grower, they really need to observe the plant for flowering symptoms and then make changes in how they’re feeding it.

we have heard a lot of positive feedback about growers using our Bud Ignitor to trigger autoflowering plants as well. But that really depends on grower preference and how much leafy growth the strain puts out before starting to flower.


We have growers who yield 8-9 oz religiously on autos using your nutes. They do it through nute manipulation.

I can only imagine what could b done if your scientists created something specific to them


You can DM me here. I would love to have their feedback about what works best with which genetics that they’re growing and maybe see if our research team has feed back for them.


The way they manipulate currently is to hold off the flowering nutes and feed veg or transition nutes aggressively when pistils first start to show.


I do a lot of autos with your nutes as well. I get great yields this way too. I don’t do as well as he does Bc he grows in auto pots but I do find the nute manipulation works


and thats a big part of what we want to research over time as autoflower genetics develop. seeing what triggers them and what the factors are.

For example, if strains that are still more ruderalis dominant perform a certain way vs. plants that have been bred more heavily.

its a very interesting segment of growing that needs to be taken more seriously IMO


That’s awesome. I always look to see if someone has created an auto nute. I will b the guinea pig any day


Sorry if I’m being a question hog. But I do have another.

I accidentally bought some nutes for coco. Can I use them in my soil?


I bought them online and can’t exchange them

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