And the journey begins

Did I make it? Thanks for the help and patience.

I deff see you…

So what kind of stuff do I want to post? Is there s work sheet somewhere around here?

@chrisj should get you all taken care of. Welcome!

Thank you !!!

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Take a look thru the grow journals. Type that in the search bar. I don’t have it down like the others.

The 2020’s Round Journal📔 #1

Copy this and put it in the search bar. This content is on point.

You can add anything you want. Plant questions, pics of you plant babies. Grow journals are very popular here. That way you can gain the data for yourself and others. We all gain knowledge from each other.

They typically make one posting of a grow or plant each time and keep adding to the post over time. It would be your thread to do as you want.

I have s small gorilla tent coming. I have a light from Rapid Led due Wednesday. And I bought a blower with controller. I am planning on picking up the filter in the future.
I am planting auto flower zkittlez and growing hydroponic.
My question is if this is my first grow would you go with one plant to start?

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You do you. I started with four plants and unfortunately/fortunately one was a male and sexed up my females when I was away on vacation. Got me a load of bluedream X OG kush seeds though.

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I was just thinking it would be easier to take care of one plant. Now if I did two I would want to do something different to each. But I don’t know what that would be.

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You could try topping one and just LST the other and see that or something like that. You’re doing autos right? I have never grown an auto, so I am out of my scope of experience. Just bounce around the forum and find some things people are doing and think about it. You may want to just grow out your first one to get a hang of it. I’m also a soil grower, so you are on the other end of the spectrum for me. Talk to Preybird and all the more experienced growers for ideas and help. They are all pretty dang awesome. I think Packee’s 2020 grow journal has him doing hydro and the results speak for themselves.

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I started with 24 my first round. By flower timeframe I had 3. Lol. Crash course learning and alot of sadness

After you know the terms well you can search out the forum for these postings.


These will give the entry point to the knowledge your looking for. Then take your terms you want to know more of and search the forums.


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Just received my first new part.


How is it going?

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Welcome to the forum!! Everyone is super helpful! I started with one autoflower plant and I wish I had planted more. I also started on a windowsill without proper equipment though :sweat_smile:. As a first grow maybe start with 2-3? Are you using feminized seeds?


Anyone have a recommendation on a fan to move air inside tent? Tent is a short 2 x 2.5.

Good morning
I am getting closer. The space I am trying to grow in is shorter than my tent is high. So I have been working on that.
I am looking at adding some additional lighting. I have a bunch of royal blue some blue ,white and a couple uv left over from a reef light I built. I am interested in adding red and deep red leds and check out this Emerson effect.
I am growing autoflower plants and plan on running the lights 24/7. What I have read that the red runs just before lights out.
If I have zero lights out can I still run the reds?

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Hello @seaweed88 & Welcome to GN! I’m also a first time grower learning thru my process and mistakes. I was given three mother plants in bad shapes but I took clones and propagated from there. I ended up running out of room but this forced me to move them onto the next stage and experiment and observe. Definitely keeping a journal log will help you reference back especially getting a lot of helpful feedbacks from all members on this forum! Just like @thedreamer said, sometimes the unexpected might not be bad, good luck & happy growing, your gonna love it!

I have the 8inch as my inline fan and I love the power and quietness :wink:

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Cool. I still need to buy the carbon filter. Any suggestions ? Thanks for the help.

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