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Any recognize this LED vendors?

Led vendors this is a high school test done on cannabis.

The kit was purchased and done by kid for a science fair project.
Plant pigments Carolina biological $154.

He evaluated 5 strains of cannabis. He said they where leaf vegetables from the grocery store. What his conclusion was that each cultivar absorbs different spectra of light at different rates. Used a prism to separate light and a photographer spectrum reference map. And two mirrors.

Naughty child of pot growing parents. :laughing:

Why can you not do the same?:thinking:
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I will give you more help

Plant drug analysis thin film chromatography atlas of drugs. By the way THC and CBD are here but that’s got your job you look at the photo active compounds. Like chlorophyll A to chlorophyll B ratios.

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PS thank you old friend. Keep growing. Thank you baby. How is AP biology?


How sure are we that the solvents are not modifying the absorption spectra of the pigments? I’ll ask our horticultural engineer about lit references on this after the holidays.

Ethan - do you believe reflectance spectroscopy would be a more appropriate measure of absorption spectra, considering the pigments and cell walls would remain intact?




You are party correct. But, thin film chromatography has been around since 1966. It just works. There are many refinement to the basic process. Such as gel electrophoresis to separate the pigments. I have used this method but it is expensive and more time consuming. But you do get a pure sample of the pigments you want to test.

But, you can get within 5% of the exact pigment and color spectra the old fashioned way too.

You need a photographer color chart. This is just a very good printing of visible light.

You shine a pure light through the prism, adjust it to the photographer color chart. Note distance.

Shine the light at the thin film extract focus the reflected light of a mirror through a magnifying glass and into the prism onto your reference card. This gives you reflect spectra.

On the back side of the flat erlimer capture the light using same proses as above.
This gives you the absorption spectrum. By taking available clear light minus the light coming through the flat erlimer.

If you wish to quantify the amount of chlorophyll A to chlorophyll B you have to be a bit more tricky. But it is a simple analytical chemistry problem to determine the ratio of A to B. Rember chlorophyll A is primary and chlorophyll B is a helper. The ratio of A to B let’s me decide the saturation point for photosynthesis in my plant. Don’t want to waste light.

The secondary pigments are very important the ones that absorbe light are the gateways to all our secondary plant compounds that we are try to maximize.

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PS Eric the Israelis are fast on your heals and they could win.



I remeber this sort of. School wasnt my thing. But this looks familiar. im staying tuned for this.


Me too! :grin:


“School wasnt my thing.” - Said every smart person making waves in one of the most lucrative up and coming industries we have observed.

I love it. Autodidacticism. Formal education is a benefit, not a right. Those who don’t receive such a privilege, can still learn by themselves.

Why are all the new billionaires in their 20s and seem to have a knack for dropping out of school before they get their degree? Why did Abraham Lincoln consider himself an autodidact?

I’m going to go to school, but I just think this is cool. The educational system currently does not produce entrepreneurs; it produces employees. Its beginning to seem like the people who do really well in high school, etc. - End up working for people like us…

And then we go to school afterwards with no debt, lol. I love it. Sorry for the ramble :slight_smile:


Very funny. I don’t understand it though could you explain a little more of this? Thanks for sharing.


I will PM you.


Follow this link for a good read.

Thin film chromatography an atlas of drug analysis. You know we might be able to use “The War on Drugs” for something positive. They even have a bunch of pigment veriations for chlorophyll B.

Happy reading or just do a search on this sit for spinich test the technique hasn’t changed much since 1966.

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Dang I miss Ethan.
I go back and read his post and learn so much from the voices in his head.



I was working with him. We had a project planned out. Not sure what happened to him. As for those lights @GrowFlux I’ve been trying to test one of their lights for a while. They have yet to even acknowledge my existence