Anyone running 10/14 light cycle?

Nice! Heat sinks are great! I’ve been pondering ( it’s a word ) how to apply The heat sink concept to my small box grow, kind of like those coolers only larger scale. like I said, it’s one of my crazy ideas, but, it keeps my mind busy.
Those lights are definitely on my list too, great work man!!!

I started mocking up my lights last night.


I’m testing the grow like joe method in one of my veg tents - seems to be working well after a month already…


Nice me and @bullfrog420 are playing with it. He has done something more interesting with this light schedule. And is trying some other things with it. Like adding a normal 12/12 after the glr

Are you still using this lighting schedule ?
Im super hesitant about pulling the trigger
Many people want to argue about this method lol
I dont understand people

All i can say is try it. @devjyarn uses it i do and a lot of other people do also. @bullfrog420 did this GLR and then switcjed the flower to 12/12 instead of 8/16 and he has some very awesome results. And this is what i use still.

Is the yield and bud quality the same ?

Seems n sounds like I should just stay with the 12/12 then…

I saw a study at a college where they vegged like that, with an interrupt in the night. And the plants were WAAAAY smaller then the ones under 18/6

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Im sorry to be redundant…
But is the yield the same using the 8 on and 16 off cycle compared to the old 12/12 method
Im trying to absorb all this lol
And yes, I will give it a go when I get more tents

Something else Id like to share with you.
Ive always had great success cloning
TILL I got a turboKlone…
fuck that thing. I think it heats the water via its h2o pump and it doesn’t hold humidity
Im going back to the good ole domes n trays using oasis cubes

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Wow really i can clone like a freight train qith a turbo cloner. But i also use a float tray for cloning. Now dont laugh but i like a 120 cell biodome from parkseed. Its my favorite cloning method when i dont use a turbo cloner. Its like kratkys non circukating hydroponic. And the yeild was better on my plants and my electric bill is the lowest around!
with how much equipment i have going.

Hey how much for you cloner shipped? To 84120?

This kicks ass for clones-seedling :seedling:

Ive used these literally for years. Lol

I use the mondo clone domes
I just got the cloner cause it looked cool
Its the elite 144… whata monster and the res is 12 gal. lol I can cram 150 plus clones n 3 mondos with a 95% success rate, using 12 t. of cloning solution. Ive only used the cloner twice. I bitched about it to growers house yesterday I think theyll take it back. I spend enough money on them lol fuckme
I did get a load of genetics so Ill have some to trade. Im expecting 21 feminized seeds saturday. 7 varieties
blah blah blah
I hope ur breeding went well

And I have a shitload of assorted seedlings from seeds I started from Mark T. from strainly

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Try a 2_2 flip and you have a lot of factors to add what stage of growth growth are you in. Genetics, nutrient you are using. Light,CO2 enrichment,

Im diggin it man. Yeah breeding is going very well. I have a male and female “skygod” plants im about to mate. Then backcross qith some clones i have of the original mother.


I like this smaller 24 site turbo cloner.