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Back after 21 yrs! new old grower

hey all My name is Russ. I haven’t grown anything since sept of 1998. We used to go around and ask for free lights and and equipment as we had no money for that. shit barely had any money for swag weed lol. My brother just shut down a huge grow op up in Colorado and he gifted me a lot of equipment. I already have 3 mother plant strains. grand daddy purple, white rhino, and mimosa. I have 6 runtz going now and will be starting some white runtz. All the seeds i have. I found in buds from dispensaries in top shelf packaging. I have a friend who goes to Amsterdam every year and he is bringing me some dr. grinspoon and some hashplant. I made my own turbo cloner and i also built a high tunnel green house. I usually do some outdoor plant and veg them outside then bring them in as deer and neighbors pose an issue.

ha ha lol polaroids were the bomb back in the day.

started outdoor for clones.

small propagation setup. I do lots of organic gardening also.

white rhino. I flowered it to get rid of it after i cloned it.
Grandaddy purple. My favorite strain at the moment.

my greenhouse.
just finished the bench shelf.


I’d love to see more of this beauty :green_heart::eyes:


I had to super crop the rhino due it being outside to long. I also cloned it like 7 times so I can select the. Best one for a mother plant. I will post pics as it comes along. I’m trying to catch a little Japanese snowtree cricket that hitchhiked into my bloom room on the GDP and hes loving the leaves on the GDP i almost caught him 2 nights ago. But hes super camouflaged because hes been eating the leaves so it is the same color as the plants.


… I’m curious as to why your brother closed down a huge grow op up in Colorado?

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Our father passed away. So He had to come home and save the family house from the evil reverse mortgage company because all our other brothers have houses. It sad… but glad to have him back. His business partner also couldn’t stay running without his skills so they had to part ways and now here we are!i0000010(3)
May he rest in peace.


Nice, good luck with new grow. You definitely have some good genetics to start with


@preybird1 Welcome to the community

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Welcome, and I’m so sorry for your recent loss of your father.

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— Sorry to hear of the passing of your father.
— Welcome back after 21 years. It is a different world these days.


Thanks for the sympathy people. Little update. Got another new tent and a few more lights filters, ect. The girls are looking amazing. I finally caught the Japanese snow tree cricket that was eating only the grand daddy purple leaves.

Apparently it doesnt like water mist and it came running up on the top bud. BUSTED.

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I have 6 Runtz plants going because they are bag seeds. I thought I would try and get a mother plant.
This granddaddy purple clone is doing fantastic. And it’s my new mother pant for this strain.

Man this is great to back. And to have all these wonderful people coming together. THANKS ALL!


New tent. It’s no gorilla tent but I love that it has 2 separate areas for seedlings and clones and the larger lower light area. And now I have a second flowering room. I have soil in the other tent. So I was thinking about putting my 4 bucket 3 gallon DWC setup in this new second room.

This pic was before I installed the wall devider thing.
Here is the front shot. I just have a small single T5 up top for seedlings. And a 4 bulb 4’x13" T5 sunblaze below for vegging. That area of the tent is small so I needed low temps low energy light. This runs at 100w and is a little warm. Well see how it goes. It’s been 2 says so far and with a fan I’m hitting 82 degrees.

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I like your new tent! I thought about getting one like that for my nursery but decided to build our own. More space, yay! Always a good thing to find more cannabis real estate!

Yeah my wife laughed and said your tiny operation is huge. Lol I laughed because I was thinking using the living room downstairs that could be a huge grow room lol. I told her it’s expensive to buy it and I could use some income. I told her like this. hey we dont want renters so these fine green ladies moved in and they pay rent! I wanted a tent I could put my nursery seedling table into with all my stuff nutrients extra bulbs ect. But I could not. so I went with tent and I love it. but not much room is left now in the room for my stuff. So I have to figure out a shelf.

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Sorry for loss…Great beginning to some beauties

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Or build on a room! :thinking::wink::rofl:

When I bought this house I have now. Downstairs in the room I call the utility room. there was a small unused 4 drawer cabinet with no cabinet counter top. And when I moved in I had an old stainless steel topped kitchen island cupboard thing. Well today I took the top off. I cut it up to repurpose it for a top to the small cabinet with no top. And the extra pieces I made 2x shelves to put items on because my new tent takes the space where my shelf was before.

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Here a couple update pics of the ladys downstairs!

Sorry about the light.

White rhino is getting fat and a few hairs are going red.

This one is Grandaddy purple.
@blackthumbbetty @hoppiefrog @davesnothere


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Still using the bloom nutrients. Almost ready to flush.

White rhino- spray bottle for size comparison.

Grandaddy purple.

Part of the white rhino hermied. I would love some seeds from this.

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