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What are you using as media? This looks like perlite, vermiculite, coco coir, phangum moss? Maybe pptting soil with added items? Got me interested?


I hope you get this phenotype!


Great question, first i speak about the pot, i always use small pots, less than 3 gallon, small is better in my case because i´m learning, in small pots is easy to do mistakes, but in this case and looking the extreme quality of the seeds , i used +5 gallon pots.

coco coir, worm castings, perlite, vermiculite, a little soil from a forest in a natural reserve. The bottom of the pot(2´5 cm), is a mix of arlite clay balls and perlite/vermiculte, for better drainage.

Extras: (all the extras are in small* dose)
diatomaceous earth, seabird guano, neem seed powder and a very small* dose of 98´5% elemental sulfur (S).

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48 hours after germination, not the best close pic, but seedling is doing good.

White Caviar F3 x Runtz - regular


Update: we are inside a heat wave, the good news are tomorrow is the end of this one, i hope the next heat wave is preparing in Spain not arrives to the east in its maximum splendor, because is a good one. Just added one more seedling: “Ultimate” x Galactic God

“Ultimate” x Galactic God - regular / day 5

White Caviar F3 x Runtz - regular / day 8


Looking good. Cant wait to see how you do? Thats a very vigorous one lol. I test all my sproutings long before i send my GN members anything. They always grow super fast and just take off.


Update: as you can see, one of the two is adapting to the heat better than the other, she is still very young, she has time to adapt, i am not worried yet.

White Caviar F3 x Runtz - regular / day 14

“Ultimate” x Galactic God - regular / day 11



White Caviar F3 x Runtz - regular / day 24

“Ultimate” x Galactic God - regular / day 21



day29 and day26, not showing sex the big one, but i think is close to show it :crossed_fingers:t2: :crossed_fingers:t2: