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Becoming a grower

I am looking for guidance to start growing different strands I buy flower from pop up shops but wonder if I can grow my own never done it newbie so need guidance or tools to get off the ground


Determine How many plant to what size you wish to grow. i.e.- chia pet, bonsai, wee man, tree size.
Seed-, seedbanks(websites),
Container- bags, fabric($+), classic plastic, □,○,
Grow media- Soil suggested; fox farm ocean forest, others. Rockwool, coco coir
Nutrients- powder or liquid.
Light- led($-$$$), assorted halide($$-$$$),
Grow area- tent for indoor; to contain light, excess moisture, n odor.
Size of tent/area: feeling 2’x2’ or 3’x3’ may be good starter size. Small investment to see how far you want go with this “hobby”

Its not hard, just gotta want to do it.


Welcome. You have come to the right place. If growing for self basically you need to figure what you need on yearly basis then can determine tent size and then can pick all else. Many people here can assist. It is a passion with most of us. Growing is what is addictive.


I am looking to grow tree size 5 plants looking at a couple hybrid strands and I ordered my tent with lights has six growing pots and air flo system taking a dive. Any suggestions on seeds like are female seeds Better vs auto any info you can provide or guidance would be great


Noble aspirations indeed. :wink::+1:
Don’t forget height limitations after fans and lights are installed at the top and pots are accounted for.
A more even canopy will maximize your available light and and space.
Female seed pretty much make sure you get females.
Photos can have their flowering start times manipulated to suit the grower where as autoflowers are on the clock so to speak.
They will start to flower on their own regardless of light cycle.
On yields.
Autos can give some very respectable harvests. Many examples of experienced growers getting 1/2 lb plus per plant.
Photos can go upwards from there due to the longer available veg times till switching to 12/12.

And welcome to GN. :wave:
If you want to ask someone a question then just put the @symbol in front of their name like this @420_x8le and they’ll get notice.
Happy growing.


Oldguy is correct. If 8 ft grow tent virtually all lights will hang at least 12" and most more like 15-18". Then all lights need to be the appropriate distance from plants top which can vary from 6-30". Example my tent is a 5’x9’ at 10’ tall. Covering with 2 HLG 620W V2 R spec lights. They hang naturally 17" down, then Plants need 29" from light and tent actually 1" shorter then 10’. I now have lost 37", The seven gal pot soil is 13" gone at bottom. Now 50 of 120 incher are already occupied and left with 70 inches. If in 8’ tent now down to 46" or max plant shouldn’t taller then this, As oldguy said indoor keeping shorter but wide gets better yield


Before you plant anything…I would set up your environment and try to dial everything in. I had some issues with heat that slowed down my current first grow tremendously. Environment is just as important as nutes, if not more important. Do your research on ideal temp ranges, humidity, VPD, water temp and pH, different lighting schedules, super soils and nutrients, etc. Though the plants are pretty tough, there’s A LOT that goes into getting the most out of them. Good luck!


Hey and Welcome!

As I was typing my response, I saw what @oldguy had said and I was basically about to repeat the same information Lol
I’m a beginner grower myself, still waiting on my seeds to arrive from
Definitely looking forward to see how the process for you goes!


@420_x8le Welcome to GN. Just smiling at all the great advice you getting from these growers. Seems like you on a great path. Post a grow diary and we will help you every step of the way! Take care.

@oldguy You are a great old man. Cheers.


@420_x8le you just got a lot of info, so go through it slowly and select one method. Most newbies try to do too much, which definitely makes you learn, but can also get a little funky if not careful. I run a few different style grows and I can say hydro produces more faster than organic. This does not mean it produces more overall, but if time is a factor that’s something to consider. Also think about how much work you want to do. Some like to mix nutrients…some just like to water and that’s it. That can be a factor in your method choice as well. Happy growing!