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Hi guys, I am an amateur grower but am well on my way to becoming a pro. My last two grows were very successful but I’m having trouble figuring out what it is that makes the buds bigger. My first grow of Nicole Kush yielded 7.2 oz and the clone yielded 1.3. I’m using Mars hydro 2000 watt LEDs full spectrum, sohum super soil and CO2 in my grow room. My first grow was in a tent. When I introduced the grow room, all the girls were growing beautifully but I didn’t get the yield I required. I used lollipopping, scrog nets and added nutrients. Is there a specific nutrient I can add during the flowering stage that will produce bigger buds?

My clones are looking good. I also have some seeds from an outdoor sativa hemafridite that I would like to identify. All 5 are female, got them from a guy named Johnny. So for now they are called Jonny 5. Any idea, he said it was apx 10’ tall


Hey @chefjonnyg. Looking good! You might want to add a bloom booster in to your nutrients lineup? I use the 3 part Advanced Nutrients Bloom booster. Bud Ignitor 4 the beginning of flower, Big Bud midway, then overdrive to really fatten my buds up those last 2 weeks. There’s other brands out there too. Plus not all strains r heavy yeilders and will give you all the bud u want.


Are you using fluorescent bulbs? Those dont flower well at all.
As mentioned not all genetics yield heavy. For example a OG usually yields less then say a kush. A lot of sativas are low yield, long spiral buds.
It depends on many factors. I’d suggest more defoliation during veg. Work on better lighting. And maybe get some better genes. Hint Hint.
Your grow looks great. You are just at the stage we all went through. Trying to push more out of a plant that just doesn’t have it.
If you are looking for better genes that are stable , clean, and proven. Look me up.

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Are you using the Tsw 2000 from Mars Hydro? Those are meant to flower an area about 3’x3’. How big is your flowering space and how much light do you have at the moment?

Cannabis needs a ton of light.


Yes I just got a 4 ft 8 tube aggro bright florescent light. I also bought LED bulbs for flower. So more defilation and a three nutrient booster for buds. Thank you, very helpful, I’ll keep everybody posted

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I am currently running to Mars hydro 2000 watt LEDs and I just added an 8 bulb 4 ft fluorescent aggro bright and purchased LED flowering bulbs for it. I might need some supplemental light but that’s going to have to wait


Tubes are good for veg. But they just dont have the power for flower.
Bud boosters can work. I dont use them personally.
More defol during veg will promote more biomass growth. This leads to more flowering sites.

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Thanks I’ll trim them up :blush:


Look from above the plant. If a big fan leaf is blocking a node or lower branch. Try to tuck it first. If that doesn’t work cut it. You can cut 75% of fan leaves off. I usually cut about 25% off. This doesn’t stress the plant at all. In ten days all the biomass and mor is back.


How big is the room you’re trying to flower? That T5 fixture will flower a 2x4’ space is it’s kept 6-8" from the canopy.

With the two Tsw 2000 and the 8 bulb fluorescent you have enough light to flower about a 5x5 space very well.

You can flower a larger area, but you will not have bigger buds.


Lol dont use tubes for flower m8 trust me. It will produce garbage flowers. Not enough power. I use full spectrum powerveg bulbs and they.dont even cut it.
If its run it.
But I’d consider getting a different set up.
Tubes just dont have the power or pen needed to make good flowers.
Listen to everyone here. But I’m telling you the truth with zero bs.
They dont cut it


Cool thanks, also when I begin flowering should I take off all the leaves except for the top node or should I leave more on?

I do have the LED tubes for flowering on that light, should I still try to invest in a different one?

Don’t take any off duimg flowering

Plants stop making vegatative biomass in bloom phase

I do have LED fixtures for the fluorescent tubes when it’s flowering time

Damn it! Now I have to spend more cash. Okay so my room is about 15 by 30 I have the two Mars hydro 2000 watt with a 3 by 4 flower print what do I need for the most bang for my buck to cover the room

Cmh or hps

Okay, cuz I’ve seen pictures of people taking everything off except the tops when they start flowering them

Topping is done in veg. Once you got five or six nodes then top. But you need to know what to cut. Here look this over