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Black magic

So my first thread post here was asking about African black magic strain. In my latest research that it’s aka black magic kush if anyone has any info on how to get any genetics of this strain let me know plz


I will look into the people I know and see… I love blacks… so trust me I find it for you I found it for me…lol…

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Thanx lad u rock bro

@chrisj… can you help here… I am not sure if you were on the original thread about this but if you can let me know…and any land race black strain from Africa I am into…

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It’s such a beautiful plant

:sigh: I love the blacks then the purples…

I have a black diesel let me see what it looks like in flower and if interested we can talk…lol…


Wow now that is a black plant they look so crazy hahahah #blackmagicmatters hahah awesome wees


The story comes from a legendary Black congolese variety from central Africa. It possibly got its colour from the way it was cured, but the smoker and collector ( I forget ) claimed that it was the strongest stuff he had ever smoked many decades ago. Have a look at the Strain Hunters Congo edition. I am sure its mentioned in here:

I believe their is alot of truth to the story. I dont think its a kush African hybrid though.


Sorry I do believe that their is a black genetic variety, some names are african black magic, congo black, congo magic, i think their might even be a malawi black. Something interesting is we have an old local breeder who has been playing with the black genetics for decades. Been meaning to get hold of the guy.

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I believe this is the African name for what I’m looking for Ituri noire

“Ituri noire” a bit of research on a simple name. “Ituri” - covered in blood “noire” - black. Ituri is a forest and province in NE Congo. So that is the where the localised strain is from. I been reading some people say its directly from King Solomons gardens, given to the pygmey tribe who have been growing and smoking for centuries. Sounds like a dream of a cannabis strain.

Something else interesting about the pygmeys in Congo is that they have been using iboga for decades, iboga is indigenious to their region and used as a treatment for addiction in the western world. Its commonly referred to as ibogaine. The founder of the Marijuana March, Dana Beal has extensive knowledge of this tribe and the congo. Dana loves african sativa’s to.


Iboga is one of the heavy psychedelics… lasts 20-30 hours the high and some of the strongest visuals… scares you off your opiates…lol…

Any way to contact him?

You can find him on Facebook ,which he is very active. I dont think he will have beans though, but if you dont ask you dont get. He might have a contact, he might refer you back to me.