Blimburn Slurricane in the new lab

Here it is, my new grow journal. As I showed in my previous journal I have moved to a new place and now have an entire room to myself for growing. I have now a gorilla clone tent and from ACInfinity a 2x4 and a 4x4. The goal is to run to grows at the same time, growing in the 2x4 and flowering in the 4x4. And use the clone tent for starting seedlings and clones ahead of schedule to maximize time in the 2 big tents.

Super excited to get this going, both tents have filters, extraction fans, the AC Infinity controllers.

The clone tent has a cheap Chinese light from Amazon which should be sufficient, and the humidity dome comes with the acinfinity led light strips.

the 2x4 has a humidifier to ensure we have the right relative humidity, while the big tent has a dehumidifier to ensure we don’t go to high in RH% during flower. Testing these new green 5 gallon pots from Goodkarma growing, the probably do the exact same thing but like the green with the pink accent rings.


On Thursday I germinated 6 slurricane seeds from Blimburn cultivars, I also bought the Gary Payton seeds from them but I will running that as the second run.

Goal is to run some kind of parralel cycle, where after 8-9 weeks I move the plants from the 2x4 to the 4x4 and then have 6 new plants ready to go into the 2x4, and from there keep rotating.

After germinating them between paper towels in plastic bag for 2 days they had pretty big taproots already, so planted them in some fox farm soil (ocean forrest) on Saturday.

And to my joy this morning all 6 already brook ground !! 100% success. #6 is slightly behind, but #1-5 all seem to be going at the same rate.

its a bit hard to see, but just believe they all came above the ground :slight_smile:


Very nice little setup you have going! I would love to have a couple more tents for veg and cloning but I will have to wait I think.

I’ll be following along :wink:


I’ve only got two grows under my belt 8 plants total . 6 outdoor and 2 indoor. I got all of my seeds from blimburn and they are all a hundred percent success rate and the shipping was insane in came in like 2 days right to my door! Good luck with your grow!!!


Hey @franklinfarmer

Looking great, some top genetics and super setup. Looking forward to seeing the fruits of your labor.


Yeah buddy, great start!!


I’ll be following along to. :+1:t3:


I have grown a couple strains from Blimburn, they actually follow me on Insta haha. Great breeder, was super impressed at the height of the trichomes on a chocolopez I grew from them!


what a great set-up - Do have their germination dome kit (great quality) what was the total price of your set-up (don’t mean to get personal) At any rate if their Slurricane is like InHouse - you will have a very good end result See many Blimburn genetics just wondering how they grow out ?


In all honesty I don’t exactly know, plus if my wife ever looks at this is only 150 dollars… :slight_smile:

But you made do some quick math and probably all in with Tents, Lights, Fans/Filters, PH/EC Meters, RO water System, Pots/Trays and some other misc stuff around 2500. Slightly more than I expected .

I see as it a hobby and am fortunate I can waste some money on this hobby … My other hobby is wakeboarding, and don’t get me started on the equipment I have for that it makes the growing hobby look like nothing (e.g. it requires a boat :slight_smile: )


Also I just found out I am having to go to Palm Springs this weekend and leave my freshly born daughters alone from Friday morning to Sunday afternoon…

So far they have been in their Dome with most of the vents open and are doing great. Plan was to take of the dome, but now that I am leaving for 2 days thinking of keeping the dome on. I have not watered them yet as with the dome the soil has stayed most…

Think it’s okay to keep them in the dome, water them Friday morning before I leave ? Maybe just slightly overwater them to hold them over ? Really hate leaving them at this stage, and unfortunately my normal care taker for when I am out is not around this weekend.

Any tips ?


If you have something you can raise your pots up a little bit with, and then pour water in the tray under them, that’ll help keep it from drying out and keeping the humidity high in there. You don’t want your pots in the water. :v:t3:


their germination kit even at $100.00 is greabuy for a quality product – will be getting a infinty tent, ect in the near future - By far they are the best company out their for tents systems !!!


No problem - what # is your light setting ? At any rate they will be just fine !!!


They are still in the clone tent in their domes, light is set only at 20% or so. Just checked on them and for the first time they pots looked a bit dryer, but also have now all the vents open.

But I will go with @happilyretired advise and raise them off the floor a little and have some water in the tray. Will wait as long as possible on till Friday to water them and believe that they will be fine.

They are growing quite rapidly and stretching is only minimal at this point, but maybe just to be safe I will give them a support while I am out.


the above pictures it also looks like you’re watering around the base of the plant. If you’re going to be gone for a few days, do your normal watering but also water all the way out to the edge of the pot. Not excessive. Just good and damp. :+1:t3:


going to love following along with ur grow. Good luck with ur new set up that would be my dream but im stuck in a 2x4 for my entire grow. Great strain and genetics good luck


Good point !!! thx.


Well made it back from Palm Springs and the girls are doing fine !!

This is how I left them on Friday:

And when I came back this afternoon, they were still doing great. I kept the dome on while I was out, but have now moved them to the 2x4. have the light still at only 20% and no more dome, but have the humidifier running at 60%.

I did find out though that my dumb ass some how messed up the timer and they have been getting 24 hours of light so far. Is that a problem ? Is that why they have a slight yellowing ?

As of tonight they are in the tent and with the controller 69 I don’t have to rely on my horrible manual timer (which I apparently don’t know how to manage).


PS. They are now on 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness (which I actually randomly tested when my wife turned out the light in the room). Hope me messing up the timer is not to bad…