Bogleg's "Dejah" SOG Grow (Ebb and Flow, Jacks 3-2-1, COB, 4x4)

Hi everyone. I will be starting up a new flower run in the next few days. I have 17 clones in my cloner and 16 spots to fill in my ebb and flow tray.

I spent the three day weekend cleaning my basement and getting everything put back in order.

Three of my seventeen clones haven’t grown roots yet - they look close but they also might just fail. If that’s the case, then I will proceed with 13 clones, take some more, and add three additional ones in a couple of weeks.

Before I get to the next flower run I will be making another cloner that can hold at least 24 clones so I don’t run into this issue again.


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Haha - I figured I’d run a journal over here and see if that encourages some others to do the same. Let the learning begin!


Looking forward to seeing the progress, @Bogleg!


I’ll start a journal soon as well. I think it also would be encouraging to others.


My breeding tent plants are done and drying on the vine (I like to let them dry up - easier to get the seeds out quickly). I pulled a small branch from the D2 in there. Say hello to the first batch of second generation Dejah #2 seeds - made from the original D2 mom and her brother from the first hybrid seed stock (AFC x C99).


Today’s lunch agenda included mixing up about half the water I need to fill my 40 gallon reservoir, setting up the air stones in said reservoir, and getting my dehumidifiers set up. I have the whole ebb and flow system put back together (water pump in place and tested) and got the smaller electronics (fans, sensors) set up in the tent. Tonight I will get my timers all set up for the exhaust and intake fans and the water pump. The lights are still set up, I just need to enable them. In addition to getting my timers set up, I will mix up the other half of the water needed to fill the reservoir.

For this grow, my intention is to start the clones right off with a full strength Jacks 3-2-1 out the gate. I am also including Hygrozyme and Hydroguard in my reservoir for the entirety of this grow. Other than that, I have some MKP showing up tomorrow and I will be adding that into the nutrient mix for the first three weeks of the flower period.

As it looks right now I will have 13 clones ready to go by the weekend. I will take another batch as soon as I get my cloner reset and add the final three clones once I have additional ones re-rooted. I will put those newer clones in the back of the tent, and try not to ignore them like I did the last grow…


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Checking on the clones this morning, one of the three laggards has kicked out a single root, and the other two look exceptionally close to doing the same.

Yesterday I completed filling the ebb and flow reservoir. I put around 35 gallons of solution in there and set the PPM at 950 with a PH of 5.88. I will likely adjust that a little bit and lower the PPM down to closer to 800 before I get the clones in the tray.

Since this is my first time using Jacks nutrients in hydro and in flower, I feel like I need to be a little bit more cautious than usual.

And yes, @dbrn32, this means I am going to proceed on this grow with Jacks and not use the GH crutch I have on the shelf. :wink:

One more thing to note. All of the clones are from a mom that had started going to flower (under 16/8 light…), so I think getting them “restarted” is taking just a tad big longer than usual - they are definitely looking like monster clones.

Initial nutrient mix for the flower run (per gallon):

3 teaspoons Jacks Part A (~21g)
2 teaspoons Jacks Part B (~14g)
1 teaspoon Espom Salts (~7g)
8ml Hygrozyme
2ml Hydroguard

That mixed into a five gallon bucket holding around four gallons of water gives me a PPM in the low 900s with my tap water.

I should also note that once I started seeing roots in the cloner I added Hygrozyme to the cloner, as well.


That hygrozyme was pretty solid stuff in my opinion. I’m somewhere between concerned and interested to see how it works out for you guys in the hydro systems. It seemed to make my solutions a little frothy when bubbled.


I have some froth but it’s not out of hand (yet). I got a free sample from Dan at Hygrozyme to test out this grow, and he is well informed of how I grow. He also checked with their lead chemist to ensure my tap water would be okay to use with it (the instructions state to use RO/distilled water).


That sounds reasonable. Hopefully it ends up being a good addition.


I’m looking at starting the Jacks as soon as my samples of House & Garden nutes are gone. If you still have interest I can get you out some seeds. I need to send some to a bunch of people but I’ve just been crazy busy lately. :v::bear:


After spending some more time watching the GG videos, I have decided to adopt his schedule and have acquired some MPK. I will use it in the flower tent this run, and depending on how that goes, see if I want to add it into the veg/mom schedule too.

As an FYI I watered down my reservoir a bit and set the PPMs at 800ish. I might wait a few days for the clones to grow a new node before I put them in the tray. Still debating on the timing of the switch.


I watch all of your grows lol.


Okay - it took awhile (thanks woody stems), but all my clones have rooted!


I need to give the last two a couple of days to get a little more established, but 16 of these 17 clones will be going into the flower tent this week, and the remaining one will replace the mom in the veg tent.

As you can see, these are monster clones. It’s taken a little time for them to start growing new leaves, but most of them are growing again. I’m not sure how the monster clones will turn out in flower - I’ve had some strange results with them in the past.


And we’re off to the races.

My 40 gallon reservoir was filled with 30 gallons that has the following mixture per gallon (GreenGene Formula):

  • 2g Jacks Part A
  • 2.7g Jacks Part B
  • 2g Epsom Salts
  • 1.2g MKP
  • 2ml Armor Si
  • 8ml Hygrozyme

With my base tap water that put me at a PPM of right around 800 and a PH in the 5.9s.

Right now I have the flood cycle running for 20 minutes every hour with lights on.

The lights themselves are set at 210w for now. I will slowly increase the light intensity over what’s left of this week and early next week - likely settling in around 400-450 watts for the first couple of weeks.

I am going to let the plants go under 24 hours of light today and tomorrow, then switch to 12/12 on the weekend.