Bogleg's "Dejah" SOG Grow (Ebb and Flow, Jacks 3-2-1, COB, 4x4)

Cost Comparison - Lucas Formula vs. GreenGene’s Jacks Formula

Let’s look at a cost comparison of GH Flora using Lucas Formula + Calimagic at full strength compared to the GG formula using four parts. And we’ll game this out using my flower tent as the baseline to keep it simple, and assume I use all the space in the 40 gallon reservoir.

So, for the entirety of the grow, let’s assume it goes 10 weeks. This typically means something like five reservoir changes for me, so 200 gallons of water in total, let’s say (in reality this is probably close to accurate because I usually run 30-35 gallons in the tote and top it off every couple of days in mid- to late flower).

40 gallons of water would require the following in Lucas Formula (totals):

Flora Micro - 8ml/gal x 40ga = 320ml
Flora Bloom = 16ml/gal x 40ga = 640ml
Calimagic = 5ml/gal x 40 = 200ml

Multiple that then by 5 times for all the system changes and we get the following:

Micro: 320x5 = 1.6L
Bloom: 640x5 = 3.2L
Calimagic: 200x5 = 1L

A one gallon bottle is 3.79L (according to the label), so at the end of this one flower period we’d have the following leftover:

Micro: 2.19L
Bloom: 0.59L
Calimagic: 2.79L

Extrapolating the math you can figure the following ratios used up per flower period:

Micro: 42% of the bottle
Bloom: 84% of the bottle
Calimagic: 26% of the bottle

So rough calculations let’s say we can get one grow out of the gallon of Bloom, two out of the gallon of Micro, and four out of the gallon of Calimagic.

So let’s base our cost on four grows.

Costs per gallon of each:

Micro: $31.99
Bloom: $29.99
Calimagic: $40.50

For four grows (flower period only), then, our total would be two gallons of Micro, four gallons of Bloom, and one gallon of Calimagic.

That totals up to $224.44 to get us through 4 flower periods, or $56.11 per grow for nutrients.

Now let’s do the GG formula for 40 gallons of water.

Jacks Part A: 2g per gallon x 40 = 80g
Jacks Part B: 2.7g per gallon x 40 = 108g
Epsom Salts: 2g per gallon x 40 = 80g
MKP: 1.2g per gallon x 40 = 48g

Multiplied by five system changes:

Jacks Part A: 400g
Jacks Part B: 540g
Epsom Salts: 400g
MKP: 240g

Typical purchase size for dry nutes is 1kg, so these prices are for 1kg bags.

Jacks Part A: $23.99
Jacks Part B: $22.99
Epsom Salts: $10 for four pounds (1.8kg)
MKP: $13 for 1 pound (.45kg)

So with the original purchase above, the Jacks Part B becomes our limiter (540g per grow) - and we can get four grows out of one bag (540g * 4 = 2.16kg). MKP is also a limiter (240 out of 450g used for each grow means we need roughly one bag for every two grows).

Going with four grows, we’d have the following left over:

Jacks Part A - 200g
Jacks Part B - 40g
Epsom Salts - 200g
MKP = 0g

Looking at four grows, then we need to purchase 1 on of each of the first three parts and two bags of MKP. This puts our total, for four grows, at a whopping $82.98. Or $20.75

The cost comparison then is:

Lucas Formula + Calimagic = $56.11 per grow
GreenGene Jacks Formula = $20.75 per grow

So switching up is costing me less than half what Lucas was costing me. If this all works out and I like this nutrient line, then I will be buying 25# buckets of these nutes at a reduced cost per gram.


Dang someone got high and went all mathematician on us.


Haha - I wish. Working so… drug free until at least 5pm. :wink:


Got me wondering what a comparison to maxi-bloom would look like?


Plants were looking good and all of them put roots out of the hydroton, so they got just one day under 24 hours of light, and as of this morning, are now under 12/12.

Temps in the tent with lights on and the lights only at 210w are hovering around 79F. Ugh. Humidity hovering between 55-60% (which is where I have my dehumidifiers set - we will be attempting to lower the humidity by 5% or so each week as we go along).


And here @organicgrower4m :wink:


Heading out of town until tomorrow night. Quick check on the flower tent this morning and everything looks more or less in order. “Day time” temps are hitting 82F with the lights at 350w. “Night time” temps are getting down to 73F. Humidity is ranging from 38% (lights on) to 55% (lights off).

In the reservoir, we’re currently rocking 900ppm at a 5.92ph.

When I get back tomorrow night I’ll post a pic of the tent. I’m really curious how these monster clones will transition into flower.


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@BudBrother here is @Bogleg journal here :wink:


Today is the 7th day since the plants were put under 12/12 light.

At this point I’m thinking I should’ve let them veg for one more week. I probably should get the roots where they are now and then flip them. We’ll see how this plays out, and use it as a data point for the next run.

The reservoir this morning was at 5.93pH. I dropped a few ML of PH Down into it - it’s been creeping up slowly every couple of days. Seems like the Jacks isn’t buffered as well as the GH Flora series?

PPMs are sitting around 900 still.

I upped the lights to 450W this morning.


On a side note, I also dropped off three samples from my last flower run at a local-ish testing facility.

In addition to that, I recently acquired some Greengene 1979 Cherry Bomb seeds. I will be waiting until I return from my vacation over the 4th of July holiday to drop a couple of them. My intention is to sex them, get a female, and grow her out in a DWC bucket for clones. The Blue Orca x Red Thai seeds were freebies. :smiley:


I’m almost ready Bogleg… couple more days… I’ll have my brother help with journaling. I got enough :ledger:’s I know that.



I look forward to your journal, You’ve got all kinds of seeds to grow and I can’t wait to see how this progresses. Thank you for journaling your progress for us all.


Seeing some leaf issues I don’t like so I dropped the PPMs to 750.


How’s the ph after you left them this morning?


If you’ll remember, once I turned my top feed back on in week 2 of flower I believe it was, my roots pretty much continued to grow until harvest and that was definitely the biggest spike I had in New root growth for the entire grow


I adjusted the PH down to 5.84 last night.


It should be interesting to see how these shape up. I am excited to get a new data point - this would represent a good test case for the fastest I can turn around clones and put them in flower. The one clone in the front left spot in the tray was put in the tent just a mere three days after it developed it’s first root. When I installed it in the tent, it only had around 6" total of root mass from two 3" shoots.

Some of the larger ones were rooted for a week in the cloner prior to the move and had 12+ inches of root mass.


I wonder how many other people are collecting and sorting through seeds while on their real job conference calls today.


Oh my goodness :heart_eyes: that is definitely a seed pile! Nice work @Bogleg :grin: