Breeding THCv dominant strains with an elusive THCv 1:1 African Landrace

So this project has been 16 months in the making, when I first started hunting THCv dominant strains. I was originally planning on using my Jack the Ripper genetics. But by an amazing coincidence I was able to get my hands on some Doug’s Varin genetics. This breeder crossed Doug’s Varin with a male cbg strain.

The breeder says that it tests 17% thc, 13% thcv, and 1-2% cbg on average. Obviously those number will vary with each phenotype, so I will flower as many plants as I can and clone each 1. Then get a detailed cannabanoid and terpene profile on each plant and pick my winners.
Then we will see what % it really tests at. :+1::+1:

I plan on breeding 5 different thcv dominant strains over the next few years. All strains will be cubbed/backcrossed, then feminized. So I’m looking at a long process per each individual cross. Till I can expand my grow again into another room. One thing I have going in my favor is that this whole project will be hydro/dwc. That will help speed some steps up a little.

I’m still collecting my last 3 genetics on this list. My first cross will be with a female Varins thcv, and male HSC Royal Highness. Next year fem Varins thcv, and male DJ Short’s Original Blueberry. Then I’ll probably fip things around with fem Brother’s Grimm C99, and male Varins thcv. Then I don’t know what I’ll do when I cross HSC Very Cherry, and Sensi Seeds Skunk #1??

I’ll at least make bimonthly updates in this journal to show updated pictures of each step of the process. Plus lab testing to show cannabanoid %.

I can’t find a strain on the market that matches the cannabanoid profile I need for my body. There just isn’t any on the market that I have been able to find.
So I will create some for myself and share them with everyone.

I got hooked up with a 10 pack of these too! :call_me_hand::call_me_hand:
I might do something with these?



@Tygrow78 , this is an amazing project. What I have always admired about cannabis warriors is their ability to use resources to do things they want and how they want to. Definetly going to sub to this post as its an interest of mine too. Sorry I know I bang on about Durban Poison, but here goes:

"Durban Poison originates from the port city of Durban, South Africa and was first imported to the U.S. in the late 1970s by one of America’s first international strain hunters, Ed Rosenthal. This award-winning medical sativa has been at the center of the newfound interest in high-THCV strains. With a naturally occurring THCV concentration of nearly 1%, Durban Poison excels at suppressing appetite while inducing energizing and focusing effects of a pure sativa. " Source

In a 1973 study, one particular South African strain’s tests had a THCV level above 53%. If you’re looking for high THCV strains, it would be best to focus on African sativas. Some of the common high THCV strains you may want to get your teeth into are Slim Hash, Doug’s Varin, Pineapple Purps, Agent Orange Nug Run, and Ace of Spades. Source


I’ve been patiently waiting to get some Durban Poison from the Mel Frank collection. @todd.mccormick has those seeds for sale, but they’re out of stock.


Is love to get some Doug varin I never could find it in seeds just products


Great read @chrisj! I like that article cuz it shows all the reasons why I’m fascinated with thcv. It takes the right balance of thcv to work in certain ways. I feel cbg will accent the effects even better than cbd?

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I’ve been patiently waiting to get some Durban Poison from the Mel Frank collection. @todd.mccormick has those seeds for sale, but they’re out of stock.

Those are some fine DP genetics, I am sure he will restock shortly on I am really interested in his authetic haze crosses, just never had the beans to pay for the beans.

I did not want to impose on your post @Tygrow78 , but seems like you interested. I have gone a couple steps further and called a prof here who is working on African genetics and also my good contacts with cultivation licenses in Lesotho, sound boarding what they know about THCv, and what they working on. My mate quickly suggested THC Victory from Dutch Passion. Funny enough if you see @todd.mccormick latest article in the, the mate I am talking about is in the same issue, Lesotho Highlands. I will see if he gives permission to share some of his sativa landrace shots, but he also agreed that the original durban is the go to strain for THCv. All the names mentioned above, are in the latest issue. I really want to get my hands on a copy.

thcv to work in certain ways. I feel cbg will accent the effects even better than cbd?

I will ask the prof when he gets back to me this question.

Respect for the work and journey you are embarking on. Right behind you bud, whipping you with a DP stick.


Thanks for the info @chrisj! Feel free to update us when you get answers.

Cool project. If your interested I have 250+ genetics. I could send you a list of what I have and if there is something that fits your project I’d be glad to get them to you.



Following along.

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Here we go, got permission to post these pictures of some lovely local landraces being grown in the highlands of Lesotho with THCv coming through on the limited testing they have done. They have had a small set back with someone accidentally bringing unwanted pollen into their secure area. The tests resulted in almost no myrcene, alot of pinene and THCv, uplifting, energetic, typical sativa. I will hopefully be going through to their facility in a couple months. To the legends in these pictures, cheers. On a personal note, I would say these are as close as you get to the original Durban Poison and Lesotho Highlands landraces. The said grower has also done some interesting crosses privately including an early durban x CBD.


Some really beautiful plants!!! I would love to get my hands on some original Durban Poison genetics.


@Tygrow78 , you cant go wrong with @todd.mccormick genetics, probably the first overseas DP’s on the map. I can also recommend Black Congo x Durban from first hand experience. A couple others I like recommending is GN’s seed listings. Are you interested in bartering? I am from Durban originally and been on the durban poison trail for over 15 years, way before it was cool. Would love to see what you can do, and what you produce.


My seedlings are coming along nicely and have been transplanted into rockwool cubes. As soon as I see a root coming out of the bottom they go into buckets. I’m going to flower these plants as soon as possible because I have around 90 days till I can harvest. My backrosses will shorten that flowering time for me a little. But I’ll be careful to keep my cannabanoid profile I’m looking for.

These are the books I’ve read over the past few months to increase my knowledge about the cannabis plant and it’s medicinal effects.
I love consuming cannabis, but as a diabetic I want to avoid the munchies. There’s times where healthy snacks just don’t cut it. I break down for a few extra carbs…
If cannabis can stimulate your your appetite through it’s interaction with our Endocannabanoid System, then obviously it can suppress it.
My goal over the next few years is to create a line of 5 strains that appeal to every palate, that don’t cause intense munchies. That are high in thcv to provide all it’s amazing medicinal effects.

It’s a pretty intense project but I’m always looking to take things to the next level. I’ve mastered my dwc growing and I need a new project.
All my tents and systems are built and I’m ready to go.

When someone has the knowledge, time, and resources to do something. There is no holding them back.


I’m not sure I have ever had original Durban, but enhanced THCv is right up my alley. I love Durban, at least the version I have from ILGM. It’s good, but I have had better. Any advanced THCv dom strains yet?

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You are reading my mind.

                 Varin's G

All 9 plants are looking great and are ready to go into buckets asap. I just need a couple more days till I switch out my Royal Highness plants and free up my 8 bucket rdwc system.

I’m feeding them 1ml/L Connoisseur Grow, 1ml/L Sensi Cal-mag, 1ml/L B52, 1ml/L Voodoo Juice, 1ml/L Tarantula, 1ml/L Bud Candy, 1ml/L Sensizym, 1ml/L Rhino Skin.
I just switched from 24 hr lights on, to 20on/4off.
Daytime Temps 74-76f, nighttime 66-68f, Rh 50-55%.

I don’t plan on Vegging these plants for long. They have 90 days to flower before they’re done.
Each female plant will have 2 branches pollinated strategically. The main cola will remain Sensimilla to take for testing.
I only need a couple dozen seeds from each plant.

Nice healthy roots, ready for buckets.


Nice job on watering so as to get nice water roots to go into DWC. My guess is you will see no stall and most likely a pop. The timing looks great IMO… If those roots were going into rockwool there would be a stall with a pop in a few days. In my opinion watering properly for the next step in the grow is critical to the plant reaching it’s genetic potential in quality and yield. If you have the few days to add to the cycle this point would be splitting hairs but if a grow is on a schedule that’s 2-3 days of not building “pipes and engines”. I say well done regarding my knowledge base. Was there anything else you shoot for in results at this stage to get better results at harvest? Whatever you’re doing is working!


The main thing I focus on after my seedlings have matured, is steady waterings, and a gradual increase with their nutrients @empyreal.craig. I have a real good formula worked out between how many milliliters I water with and how I increase my nutrients.
Plus healthy microbes and enzymes.

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               Varins G 

I’m moving plants around today and 8 of these 9 plants will go into my 8 bucket system. Number nine is going to a local growmie to be grown outdoors.
They are growing like crazy. I’ve been on a 20on/4off light cycle, but were switched to 18/6 2 days ago.
I presexed 6 females, 1 male and 2 unknowns.

        Varins G Day 9 Flower

So these are some tall lanky plants that were over 3’ at the end of my 1st week of flower. So each plant was HST or Super-Cropped to fold it over in half.
I was able to pop 9 out of 10 seeds, and just my luck I got 9 females. I was really hoping for 1 male, but no luck…

         Royal Highness male

I took 3 cuts from this plant and will grow each out to collect more pollen. I want to make sure I have enough to backcross as many times as I need.