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Bud Washing

I have learned so much on this site but one thing that i have not found is a topic on bud washing. Now is it a new thing or is it old practice? I am very new to growing (still collecting pieces for a new grow room) and want a good game plan in order before i charge into the unknown lol. I see why to do it but would like to hear from other people.


Welcome to the gn family now on your topic I will be washing my near harvest plants this run grown in an indoor 8x4 tent with 1400w of hps but I am washing because I (first time EVER LOL) got powdery mildew that popped up about 6 1/2 weeks into flower sucks but I removed every bit I could find and have been spot treating with h202 and have it under control now but will have to wash the harvest just to be sure have never washed indoor grown buds before but will let you know how it goes


I only wash my outdoor buds.

I use a peroxide: water mix at 1:4 ratio

I use a large tote and after I take off all the large fan leaves and any trim I don’t plan on using for edibles I dip the entire plant still on the stalk in the mix and swirl it around like I’m mixing iced tea. Then I dunk it in clean water and swirl it again.

Then I hang it to dry. This removes and nasty stuff that lands on it including bug poop, dust, dirt, spider webs, larvae, and any other yuck I don’t want to smoke. Indoors I only wash if I have a pest or if I were ever to get mildew like the OP mentioned.

It preserves the taste and trichs and some even claim it brightens their profiles.

Good luck farmers. Grow on


I wash whether indoors or out. I have done the peroxide method, but I usually use the pidgins420 wash because I have lime or lemon juice on hand already.
5 gal gets 1 cup lemon & 1 cup baking soda. Same tea swirling and dunking directions above


Here’s a video on it. I think it’s definitely something everyone should know how to do. And like said above even indoors can get WPM or even mites or other insects that you might not see. Might as well get off all that junk.


The theory behind washing buds is that the trichomes and Terpenes are not water soluble and won’t be washed off or damaged when submerged and washed.

Any pesticides or basically anything that is water soluble will be washed away theoretically creating a product that is cleaner and better tasting.

People are doing it more as a common harvesting practice now and not just for WPM.

I haven’t jumped on that bandwagon yet mostly because I’m lazy and don’t like extra work lol


Hell yeah Cervantes is a cannabis king that’s the same exact video I watched I use the same method for outdoor but yeah also this indoor run damn wpm


I usually wash mine. @tdubwilly - how I approach it is to take apart the plant, maybe remove any big fan leaves, and dunk each branch for 20-30 minutes. Then I hang them all up to let them drip dry, and once they are more or less dry, I then run them through the bowl trimmer.

I have also done all the trimming and THEN washed them, which also works pretty well and is one less step (shorter process)… but then I need to lie some towels down so I can let them dry on the towels before I put them in the drying rack.


I’ll have to try a plant of both strains I’m running to see the difference, I always just made it rain hard 3 days before harvesting.that definitely cleans things up but I imagine a wash would be more thorough. Not a fan of water curing tho so have to see how it looks/tastes in comparison.i do it while they are still growing to prevent mold as well