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Buyers Needed for Hemp Oil & Flower

My company is a Cannabis sales agency. We are getting A LOT of inquires to assist in connecting buyers and sellers of bulk oil and flower.

If you are a serious, interested buyer of these materials, please contact me.

Buy Cannabis oil

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Hello Francesca.
We have been working with several Hemp clients over the
last 8 to 10 months helping them to find flower at target
These have NOT been large transactions with most
ranging between 1 and 3 pounds. This has allowed me to
develop good working relations with several industrial farms.
If you feel this may help please let me know a little bit more
about what you need specifically and I’ll get going on pulling together
some info.

Thanks Francesca.


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Interested buyer

Hello jfort99.
Can offer some specifics on what you are looking for?


Hello, this is a great development. I know a company that sells hemp oil too. Do you mind partnering?

Do I need anything besides cash