California Snow (auto flower) in a 4X4 AC Infinity tent

First time grow in my new place, don’t have a ton of room here but I managed to convince my wife to get a tent. Initially I had a 3X3 cheap amazon tent with cheap light from Amazon, but I quickly upgraded to something better. Not sure what I was thinking :slight_smile:

I sprouted 4 seeds between tissue paper in the dark, and within 24 hours the germinated. From there transferred them to 3 gallon fabric pots. You can see here they are still in the old tent…


From there the grew pretty consistently !

This was Jan 22nd:

And this was Jan 28th:


I like the new tent much better, is not leaking any lights, more space than the 3x3 obviously. The overall quality is just much better than the cheap 50$ amazon no brand tent.

Unfortunately I bought the inline fan and light on the size of the old tent, so will probably be upgrading those when this round is over, but lets see.

The controller 69 is pretty easy, and for somebody that is already on his phone all day pretty nice to keep track of it all.


On February 2 I did some low stress training in an attempt to get a more even canopy, and hopefully some more buds. I did accidentally broke/snapped one of the main stems, but that plant did not seem to care at all. I do think the stress made them flower immediately, as just two days later I started seeing the first white hairs.

Maybe just total coincidence… who knows… Also at this point I added a smart dehumidifier to the tent which really helped me gain control over the RH%. I can now keep it pretty consistent around 55%, give or take a little. And with the light now at 80% its a bit warmer in the tent, maybe was a bit cold in the earlier stages, especially when the lights were out at night.


And this is from today ! They are growing quite steadily and they are drinking more and more water. I am using the advanced nutrients line (micro/grow/bloom). One of the plant seems to have very minor burned tips, but doubt it is from overfeeding as I have been only given them half the recommended dosis once per week.

Had a small issue with some nats, but bought some nematodes and watered those in last week and the problem seems to be gone. I hung new sticky papers and so far no new flies/nats on there.

The leaves look a little to light/yellow to me, but again they seem to be doing fine… If anybody has any input in general let me know !


up the Cal Mag under LEDs I found helps with this :slight_smile:

I will watch this as I have a bunch Autos to do inside soon

all the best and grow well :slight_smile:



Got some Cal/Mag from Advanced Nutrients to complete my other nutrients and just gave them a quick feed. Hopefully this turns things around a bit…! They are still going strong, some small stretching still happening.


Ladies still doing well, don’t like how small the plants stayed, but guess that is part of growing auto’s.


How old are they? I’m also growing autos rn, but they’re tall af. I guess It’s more about genetics. Still have couple of auto seeds left. Diesel and Royal Dwarf, from the Royal Queen Seeds…
Really interesting how short they are, and already flowering.


I started germinating them i believe December 27th. And planted them in these 3 gallon fabric pots on the 1st of Jan. There were groing really fast in the beginning, but when started binding them down and bending the branches, i think i overdid it. After that they went straight into flower and did not get that much bigger anymore… So almost day 50 now, according to the desription they should be done in 10 weeks which is March 7th.

Besides the 2 or 3 larger yellow leaves they are doing fine, just small.


I did get DO-si-Dos and Gelato seeds, plus a few different freebies (Candy dawgs) that are not autoflowers, so will be starting those as soon as these finish.

Did see that the Do-si-Dos are also not super tall plants, but lets see… Think i will stay away from the bending and twisting the next round :slight_smile:


Mmh, yum, Do-Si-Dos. Would love to get some original Do-Si-Dos from Archive but they’re long sold out, not sure if they’ll ever be released again.


Now I can get rid of the cheap yellow amazon PH meter and take some actual correct PH readings :wink:


Question for you all… do you keep the fans running during lights off as well ?


Yes deffo keep fans on durring lights off.


in veg no, in flower somethings :slight_smile:

I run a dehumidifier 24/7


Depends how long u veg for. I like the fan for air circulation as well as strengthen the branches.


Since they are auto’s they did not veg for very long in my opinion. I currently have two of them which run in an alternating pattern, 1 is one then the other one is off…

Another question for you all, according to the official calendar they should be done March 7th. I am seeing an increased number of leaves turning yellow, but also drying out. I get the yellowing as we are nearing the end, but the drying out worries me a bit… Looking at the leaf chart it appears to be a deficiency of some kind.

I started adding the cal/mag from advanced nutrients, but maybe too late ?


Not sure it’s nutrient per se…looks more to me like your pH may have wavered on you…



March 7th is full moon thats my aiming harvest day lol