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Canada just legalized marijuana. That has big implications for US drug policy

I’m a few days behind on this. I meant to post it on the 19th, but I kept forgetting for some reason. My brain must’ve thought it was already done. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyyyyyway, yeah. Canada’s now legal.


You’re welcome world.


Thanks Bryan and Canada! Go ahead and fire up that victory blunt. You’ve earned it, eh!

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I have a lot of friends in Canada and they will also be able to buy from Govt run online stores. Some people are warning others that if that store takes your personal info, that info could be shared with US border authorities and could hinder their entry into the US.

Example: Uncle Jack and his nephews plan to go to a US baseball game but can’t because jack just bought weed online.

Any thoughts on this? The US has been given very free access to a lot of Cdn info already. For people who cross borders for work or play, this is scary.


You bring up a good point. And border crossing was a big topic of concern from the public and still is to this day.
While I’m not 100% sure of this, I’m pretty sure they got rid of the mandate for a consumer registration. It borders as a violation to our Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms.
What I do know is that people and companies might have to regester in the province they are doing operations in.
For example, in Alberta LPs are going to be required to create a sales contract with the province so we will be registered there.
Dispensaries will also be required to resigter with the province and staff will be required to register and take a mandated training course.

As for crossing the border as a whole, that’s not a new risk. As Canadians all we need to do is admit smoking Cannabis in some illegal form any time in our life. They will ask a general question like “have you ever smoked weed?” A simple “yes” is sometimes enough for an instant lifetime ban. Something we have had to deal with for a long time unfortunately. Luckily you guys have the Fith Amendment which any smart person would use.

I’m interested for the first time I try to enter the States once my farm is up and running.
“What do you do for a living sir?”
“Well you see…”

I am hoping with the rumors of Trump maybe supporting legalisation that process as a whole is ease up.

The next five years are going to be quick and exciting to follow.


Yeah, Canada !! Great job to all who worked so hard for this great cannabis legalization. Now it is way past due for the USA to go ahead and completely legalize. We may learn some lessons here. Great Job!!!