Cannabis Lube?

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Yep, it’s a thing folks. Check out our AMA from Wednesday: AMA with Cameron Bravmann Have you used it? Have you seen it on store shelves? @memberdirectory tell us about how you feel about cannabis lubricants. What are your thoughts? Is this a viable product? Do you think we will see it more often on store shelves? Do you stock it in your inventory? Will we see this one go mainstream with CBD? Let’s lube up this conversation and chat about a sexy subject!


Locally, Sublime was one of the first to put out a lube, as well as a feminine hygiene product. And, they work! I know many women who also use it to help with cramps and such during their periods.


Great input, @amy, thank you! Have any other ladies here tried these products to relieve the pain/cramping associated with menstruation?

I have tried the MUV products available here in AZ (their marketing approach is geared toward her more for than for me). I couldn’t find the Sublime brand lubricant. Do they still manufacture the lube, @amy? Do you know of any other good brands here in Arizona?

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Can I use this here stuff on my ball joints and wheel bearins???


If you feel so inclined, go ahead and grease those ole ball joints with the lube, Bob! Get back to us on how it works for you, eh? :wink:


I visited Denver earlier this year with a friend, we tried Foria, the THC based brand and it definitely worked, I have since tried tried a local product with a friend here in Alaska and it did not work at all but I think it was more CBD than THC. Some are water based and some oil, if using oil based, don’t use with latex condoms, the oil breaks the condoms down. Same with certain sex toys, use only water based lubes, unless going all natural.


Check out the data graphs in article with and without cannabis lube


If u make it right, it works. The suppository works better during menstrual cycles also. I know 7 people that beg me for them every three months to reup their stash. I use coconut oil, and pop em in the freezer in a mold. Easy easy money. Also, I used the same mix on my wife’s feet when she was pregnant, and you could see her feet shrink in 25 minutes or less.