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Montreal Cannabis Seeds


Welcome to Growers Network, Dino! @quebeccannabisseeds !

I’m the one of the owners and Community Manager of the Autoflower Network ( so I’m particularly interested in your autoflower varieties! Do you breed any autoflowers in-house or are these mostly other breeders? I saw a Royal Queen Seed strain on there and a few looked like DP genetics (if I’m not mistaken?)

Glad to have you aboard, looking forward to hearing from you!


Hey Jordan, I’m looking for 3 different type of genetics that are really frosty (seeds) do u know where I can find some also I’m looking for wedding cake


Hey @cyrus , you may have to do some searching if you’re looking to source seeds locally (depending on your state,) but there are plenty of reputable sites online that people have successfully purchased seeds from. The caveat is seed sales are a pretty grey area with many states (and even less of a grey area on a federal level,) so do your research on your states marijuana laws and make sure you stay safe! If you are in Canada or another country, let me know as that may change my response haha!

Off the top of my head, I know we have @DutchPassionTony and @Subcool on here, both with extremely reputable genetics! You may want to reach out to them directly to see if they could provide an authorized reseller or assistance!

As to the Wedding Cake strain, I’ll have to do some research on that one. A quick search found some available varieties in seed form but I don’t feel comfortable recommending breeders I know nothing about. I’ll work some of the channels I know unless someone chimes in first with a better recommendation!


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I know the Jungle Boys (@roachjugandoconfuego) out of LA grows a lot of Wedding Cake.

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Thank you Jordan you are awesome. Great info, our facility is being built currently in Toronto Canada. And we are one the most advanced company’s in Canada when it comes to MM .
We just partnered up with mint pharmaceutical and we gearing up to go on the TSE exchange by June 2018. When you have chance I love to chat with you in regards to what makes us special in this space . Please free to call me any time. I like to exchange some ideas with you.




@cyrus you would be a perfect candidate for our Deep Dive series with @Jordan

Here is the Deep Dive with @LBC-GREEN

Here is the Deep Dive with @garymorgan

You can be next!

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Cyrus that sounds great! I actually have a working relationship with a lot of European breeders (over 12 commercial breeders) and also manage the community at the Autoflower Network, so between those resources and the people I know here I’m sure we can come up with a solution that will fit your needs for both short and long term!

I’ll send you a message on here to set up a time for next week if you’d like to have a chat, would love to hear about your business and facility!

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Sounds good just had a great call with Travis. Looking forward to talking to you