Grow Op Deep Dive: Moog Droog

This is the first in a new series of articles where we interview growers about what equipment and products they use in their operation. @garymorgan agreed to show off his grow operation, explain why he chose the equipment he did, and how it is working for him.

By the numbers:

Grow operation: Moog Droog
Location: Petersburg, Alaska
Grow Operation Type: Indoor
Canopy Size in Square Footage: 500 sq ft

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What do you use for lighting?

I use Sinowell double-ended HID fixtures, with high pressure sodium and metal halide lamps. I also use Hydrofarm 8 lamp T5 HO Flourescent fixtures for veg and propagation.

Why did you select that and how do you like it?

I chose to purchase the Sinowell HID fixtures for both cost and performance. I purchased direct from the manufacturer and imported the lights myself. This saved me several hundred dollars per fixture. My startup capital was limited so I had to stretch my dollars as much as possible. I have no regrets as the process went very smoothly and the lights are durable and have performed very well.


What nutrients do you use?

I currently hand mix all nutrients in 55 gallon plastic drum reservoirs. I use a submersible pump and hose to top off my control reservoirs daily. I use the @Botanicare KIND line of nutrients. I trust Botanicare products, and have seen great results. Eventually I want to invest in nutrient and PH dosers but thats a few months away. I use a few supplements from Botanicare, such as Silica Blast, Vitamino, Hydroguard, and Hydroplex.

Why did you select that and how do you like it?

I like the Botanicare KIND line of nutrients because the calcium is included in the KIND-Base and the right amounts of magnesium are found in the Grow and Bloom for each plant stage. It’s simple, it’s clean, the plants thrive on it and I haven’t had to add any cal/mag since I started using it. In the past cal/mag issues were constantly appearing.

Grow media

What do you use for grow media?

I use Hydroton Expanded Clay Pebbles as a root/grow media. I use a Recirculating Deep Water Culture system with 6 inch net pots.

Why did you select that and how do you like it?

I needed a media that was re-usable and easy to work with. I found the larger sizes work best and a small net pot is all thats needed. The base of my plants are between 2 and 3 inches in diameter. After using different sized net pots I found the 6 inch to be adequate and uses less Hydroton, so less media to clean up at the end of a harvest.

Water filtration and irrigation

What equipment do you use for water filtration and irrigation?

All my water used in the facility is rainwater. I have a rainwater cachement system that catches the water. I use a recirculating deep water culture hydroponic system, that uses very little water daily, and all the water that is transpired from the plants is recycled by de-humidifiers and AC mini splits. A UV light sterilizes the recycled water, before it’s re-used again.

Why did you select that and how do you like it?

My de-humidifiers and AC units have drain lines that had to be routed somewhere. I routed them to my fresh water reservoirs and quickly noticed that I was reclaiming as much as I was using on a daily basis. It was a pleasant surprise and since the water is very pure, why not recycle!


What equipment do you use for trimming?

I’ve tried hand trimming, the Trimbag and now a @GreenBroz 215 Dry Trimmer. I’m sticking with the GreenBroz. It works great, and is very gentle on the product. We do a little touch up hand trim afterwards just for quality control. It’s definitely the way to go.

Why did you select that and how do you like it?

Hand trimming was very labor intensive and slow. The Trimbag didn’t trim as close as we wanted and we wanted a faster and more gentle process. Another cultivator showed us his GreenBroz 215 trimmer and we saw a very nice trim in a small fraction of the time it would take us to hand trim. The GreenBroz trimmer sold itself after seeing it in action.

Odor control

What equipment do you use for odor control?

10" x 48" carbon filters with inline fans.

Why did you select that and how do you like it?

It’s simple, inexpensive, and adjustable. It works really well, and can actually work too well if you don’t adjust them.


What equipment do you use for HVAC?

I use mini split heat pump/AC’s from Pioneer.

Why did you select that and how do you like it?

They work great, were inexpensive, and do the job well. The mini splits don’t require any ducting so it was cost effective. I’m also growing in a sealed environment, so I couldn’t vent in fresh air or let out air from the building. This minimizes risks, and I don’t have to worry as much about smells in the neighborhood.

Grow operation type

What type of grow operation did you select?

Indoor - Recirculating Deep Water Culture.

Why did you select that and how do you like it?

For me the RDWC was the right method for how I wanted to grow. I wanted to maximize yield, and not have to water every plant several times a day. I’m a small facility and I still have my day job as an electrician for the local electric utility. I wanted a system that could be automated as much as possible, grow huge yields, and that would require very little of my time. I wanted my time to be spent working on the plants. The system is wonderful and is exceeding my expectations.

Pest management

What do you use for pest management?

I currently don’t have any pest control equipment. My facility has been operating for 6 months now, and I haven’t implemented any pest control measures yet. If I do experience any issues I intend to use predator insects to combat any issues. Recently I’ve learned about ProKure’s products for sterilization, (@alex.cushman and @bernie.lorenz on the community) and intend to start using those products to help minimize my risk.

Why did you select that and how do you like it?

I learned about them from the Growers Network forum. I haven’t used ProKure yet but I’ve talked to other growers who are and heard a lot of praise.


What do you use for curing?

I use Integra Boost packets in the 62 gram size after I whole plant hang dry (low and slow for three weeks). Once I buck my buds, I preserve them with Integra Boost in black 5 gallon buckets with airtight Gamma Seal screw on lids (U-Line). Buds get trimmed, and returned to these buckets for curing. I’ve had many compliments on my perfect drying and curing, and it’s a very important part of protecting and preserving all my hard work.

Shameless advertisement on my part, but I’m a big fan of the Integra product. If you aren’t using Integra or a similar product then you’re behind the curve and taking a big risk. Just to be fair Boveda also makes a great product, but I’m set on Integra myself. Great product, fast response time, and I even get hand written notes and extras when I receive my orders.

Thank you Gary for showing off your setup! If anyone would like to be the next participant in this series, please send me a private message or email me at

If you have any questions for Gary about his setup please post them below in the replies!


I love posts like this. Like a walk-through of a chef’s kitchen.


Hi Gary! Nice looking set up. I’ve just started growing and am using Botanicare too!

I see the speakers in the background. What do you usually play for your girls?


Rumor has it that classical music has a positive effect on plant growth, but it has a negative effect on this particular grower! :laughing: I have a wide range of musical interests. Somedays I play old school rock like Led Zepellin, with a healthy mix of Pink Floyd. Sometimes alternative music like Smashing Pumpkins and Modest Mouse. More often of late I’ve been playing a Pandora channel I’ve created with more of an electronic DJ mix with artists like DJ Snake, Hippie Sabotage, Odesza and Ghost Loft…a few Kiiara songs too. I love the song & video to “Whippin”. Always makes me chuckle and puts me in a good mood.:laughing:


Almost like a modern reincarnation of Whip It. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ha! I love it. I have a wide array of musical preferences too. Music is therapy. Combine that with gardening and you’re golden!



Shout out to @Integra!


Thanks for the additional info @garymorgan. I’ve updated the original article to include your curing info.