Cdoggs first grow

Hey everyone. I’m looking for some starter tips on autoflower strains. I plan on outdoor. I am in a hot/humid climate. Temps currently in the low 90’s with 60s humidity. I ordered some sour diesel auto seeds for my first run. I plan on using FFHF as my medium.

Any tips on where and when to start seeds, how much water. When to fertilize. Can I keep them outside all day to the elements, etc etc.

Any info would be awesome. I’m ultimately looking to start so that I can begin learning for the future. Understanding many problems will come up and ultimately how to address them.


My best plants grew on their own.

Sometime overthinking is to much lol. I’ll get some info on growing outdoors that is proper info.

Glad your here at the Growers Network. Can’t wait to see your progress.


I could see that! Thank you!


Your in the right spot @cdogg
Allot of great peeps here
Best of Luck !


@wayno Right on love to hear it. I landed here a couple days ago and immediately got excited. I feel like I’m in the right spot that’s for sure. Looking forward to this journey. I haven’t even started and I love it. Thank you🙌


Welcome @cdogg.
I have grown 17 different strains of Auto’s all of them indoors.
I passed a few strains off to a friend that wanted to grow outdoors this Summer.
All of the strains I gave her grew differently than mine did indoors.
You might have to try through these first grows to see what does well, and what doesn’t.
Like the others told you:
You have landed in the right place. Plenty of great growers that are more than willing to help out newbies like us.
Happy Outdoor Growing!


@Jimhigh66 yes and I plan on the long haul of learning. I enjoy the shit out of growing a few other veggies (mostly peppers) and I have big love for cannabis for many reasons. Excited to say the least.

Problems mean learning and I’m down with it.


There is NOT a problem that you encounter that these Pro’s will not be able to fix.
The journey, and our learning from each other lends to our success!
I will be watching your progress.


Are you planting in outdoor containers/pots or digging a hole and filling it with the HF? Basically, will the roots have access to the natural soil? That will make a big difference on feeding.

If you want to read a detailed thread on outdoor autos grown both ways, check out @OlyBoy 's thread!


10-4 thank you! I planned on potting!


Hi @cdogg

Thanks for sharing your grow. I just planted some autos outdoors to, in some simple organic soil in small pots.

Have you got good soil to put your seeds in?

Below is a nice fertilizer starter pack for any grow.


Welcome to Gn Cdogg, I’ve been growing weed for like almost 45 yrs my brother and never grew an auto till now. I took koe something soil from Lowe’s has a k in front of it then some bath guano with P tilled it all under with a tiller in my plot. Watered it it let it sit for 2 weeks while starts with in plastic cups.
Used those small tomato :tomato: cages there like half the size of the regular ones.planted each plant then stick those over them it worked out great for
Manipulating branches later on…kept the ground tilled up through the whole grow for weed etc. didn’t water for like 3 weeks. Soil has nutes in them won’t have to give nutes at first just lightly water them untill they get established. I only topped mine once. Got 200 grams out of blue dream and bubble gum isn’t dried and cured totally but I guarantee I have 1/2-3/4 lbs on that one… I actually didn’t do anything less then I would for photos to be honest. It’s a weed bruh lol Never did any fancy tying down branches or anything like that . If I was gonna use Foxfarm I’d till it in with your regular soil personally. I’m not midget plant expert and not a fan really but I didn’t see anything different from photos as far as taking care of them. I’m a huge fan of rain water if you have a way to collect it…Down the road I defoliated as well. That’s it…never had one yellow leaf the whole time…like I say I’m a huge fan of rain water, bat guano P and bat guano N. Weeds not hard to grow people over think it to much in my humble opinion. Wish you the best my brother.

Bubble gum outdoors :v:t2::sunglasses::v:t2:


@MrBlue thank you brother! I do plan on using small pots. 2-3 gallon. If I’m going fox farm, I’ve also seen recommendations for mixing it with perlite and coco. I may do that. Sounds to me like feeding the little ladies at first is not the best move. At what point did you top?

Also with the temps in the low to mid 90s, ton of rain and humidity, I’ve been thinking about waiting until mid October/November to get them started. We stay decently warm throughout the winters.

And yes ultimately I’m trying to find the best start (at what point to start the seeds, can I do it outdoor in this extreme heat and humidity/rain or wait a couple months)… and diagnose potential problems from there if they should come up.


Can’t help you on the when because I don’t know your growing season, here would be late may. I toooed around lik under a foot tall in those autos. Some say not to tip at all but I did turned out great and hydros wife tips hers and she gets wonderful results. Some say 6th node…we’ve always used ffof never the others. We have used others but boils down really to promix mostly but have a lot of ocean forest mixed with ff strawberry fields. Have a lot of different soils going. A lot say u can’t put starts in ocean forest I beg to differ we always have, they say it’s to hot but untrue bruh. We grow more probably then at least 90% of these dudes in this forum and never hurt our plants a bit. So don’t buy into that were the proof of ocean forest my brother. Either is ok just had better results with ocean forest or a mixture of ff strawberry field’s along with it or pro mix hp. All I can tell you is what we do and what works for us, everyone has an opinion what works for them. You have to play with it and figure it out in your own really since everyone has there own idea on everything :facepunch:t2:


I’ve seen both with fox farms, some things thrive, some things get burned. Really comes down to area, batch, and batch date. I take more caution with a bag that has been sitting on a pallet all summer cooking than I would with something that just came in in the winter, fox farms also has been slacking with their qc and haven’t seen an across the board consistency with em lately. Love their products, just use with caution sometimes


What is the closest big city that you live near/in? That info will give other outdoor growers an idea of what your growing conditions (temp, humidity, light, etc) will be like.


Never had an issue bruh but lately been using more promix. Have more then just a soil in a small tent bruh use them hell out of it. I’ve heard of others having bugs before with stagnant soil maybe just a guess on that. With out a count or log here with me I’m guessing someplace around 200 plants man and 100 are ff at least and 50+ different strains growing right now at the moment. No issues just a lot of work lol


Is the fox farms fresh or stuff u have been reusing year after year! Last fall was a shit show from our nursery, legalized in Nov and everyone was running to star nursery to get soil since it’s the only place we can get fox farms( and only ocean forest too) and since that batch sat in the sun all summer it got hot as hell with a lot of complaints of fried plants, I just mixed it 50/50 with the house potting soil I think called Dr Q’s and all was good for me lol


Yo CDogg,

I also have started with FFOF and my plants seemed to love it.

If you have the time to be picky with your supplies, be picky. If you have to adjust your timetable for growing a little bit, it will pay off when you buy what your plants need and not just what’s available. But I understand if (where you live) you don’t have that luxury of time

Probably the best advice you can ever get. You can’t control or eliminate all the variables to growing. But if you can control it, try to do so. What works for Blue or 1andonly probably won’t work the same way for me. And certainly vice versa.

Keep posting on this thread (please don’t make a new thread each time you have a new question) and let us know what you’re up to!


We never have reused our soil but a lot of people do. Probably should recharge and test that but we haven’t as of yet… guy in Oregon forget his name they call him something like 3-4 pound a plant man or something silly lol but anyway this guys has had the same reused soil for over 4 yrs.

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