Chavez's Organic Grow Journal

Zweet Child (back left)- 35 days
Crescendo (front left)- 35 days
Glue Sniffer a+b (right)- 33 days

I turned my lights for the Glue Sniffer’s down to 80%. I’m still getting use to this new light. I think I was giving them too much. Next grow I’ll have it down.

I’m going water with molasses today, the bottom leaves on Zweet Child & Crescendo are showing signs of deficiency. If that don’t help, I’ll give them some tea next.

Should I snip off the lower leaves that are no good anymore? I’m afraid to do too much, being autoflowers, I don’t want to stun then.


Molasses feeds your soil not your plant. It keeps your microbes healthy which keeps your plant going. I don’t know your feeding/watering schedule but if you’re showing a deficiency and you’re doing organic I would feed the tea with molasses. I don’t know what do you think?


Its a living soil, so I’ll try to feed the microbes first. What do you think?


I don’t know anything about organic. I just got to rely on common sense for that. I don’t believe you can overfeed your plants using tea so that being said if they need the tea and they don’t get it they just get the molasses they won’t get better and another few days will go by before they get fed. WhereasIf you feed them and feed the microbes, you would be taking care of both possible issues in one shot. Which would prevent your plants from being hungry for a couple of days. That’s just my thinking. I really don’t have any experience doing organic so I can’t say for sure. But if it was my grow that’s what I would do. :+1:t3::v:t3:


I just decided to start Organic, knowing nothing about it either. My fear was to feed them too much from the tea. But if you don’t think I’ll over feed with tea, I’ll do that.
Thank, @happilyretired ! As always you are super knowledgeable! Even if you don’t know about growing organic! :joy:. :v:. :+1:.


You can always reduce your tea to half strength before you add your molasses. Just mix it up and add 50% more water after you’re done brewing. Then you can add your normal amount of molasses and Bob’s your uncle. These Plants can take a lot, the amount of salt nutrients I give my plants is mine boggling. I don’t know of any other plant we could take the amount of fertilize that I give these things.


Yup, with your program Hap, lockout is just not happening !
Of course anything can be overdone, but generally we have to get growers used to the increased nutrient demand, and once they cross that bridge they are often astounded…


What about defoliating autos, a good idea or no?

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Zweet Child-39 days(back right)
Crescendo-39 days (front right)
Glue Sniffer a+b-37 days(left)

Glue Sniffer’s are a week behind the other two in flower.

side pic

I have nothing to compare these to, I can’t find anyone who grew them before. I wish the Glue Sniffer’s would stretch some more. Maybe this week they will stretch.

I fed tea and molasses the other day, full strength. New leaf growth is a nice dark green, so that seemed to fix my deficiency.

Runoff was @ 6.2ph - 6.4ph. (depending on the pot).

How does that seem for autos in living soil?

Any advice, comments, or criticism welcome.

:v:. :green_heart:. & Happy Sunday!


6.2 6.4 sounds perfect in soil. :+1:t3:


Buds are building on Crescendo and Zweet Child (43 days).

Glue Sniffer’s (41days) are so much smaller than the others.

How they looking?

:v:. :green_heart:. &Happy Growing!


Zweet Child (back) & Crescendo (front) - (autos) - 45 days.

Glue Sniffer a+b - (autos) 43 days.:point_down:

Crescendo :point_down:

Zweet Child :point_down:

I gave my girls some Recharge last night. Even though I fed them tea 9 or 10 days ago they are still hungry.

I think I definitely kept my new lights way too close on my Glue Sniffers, as they are very short. I’ll know to raise them next grow!

I’ll be taking pics more often cause I want to see how this recharge works, this is my first time using it.

I also have FF Big Bloom on its way in the mail. I don’t know if its 100% organic but t seems organic enough.

Lights on temp @ 78° Lights off temp @ 70°. / Humidity @ 43% rh. Watering 1.5 liters every other day. Starting to feed every 7-10 days as needed.

Well, I have to say, I think I’m going to stick with the super soil method I did last grow. It seemed to feed the plants longer. I don’t believe I had a yellow leaf yet @ this time last grow. This grow I tried the living soil method and my plants are very hungry already. I already cut off several yellow leaves.

Speaking of which, I also have some organic cal/mag on its way. I think I might make my own, its not that hard, and a heck of alot cheaper!

Any suggestions, comments or criticism are always welcome.

:v:. :green_heart:. & Happy Growing!


New phone, new camera! Now I can take better pics!

Crescendo auto - 49 days

Zweet Child auto - 49 days.

Getting so frosty! I had to take some close ups!

I must say, these plants are super hungry! I keep increasing nutes and feeding the soil but they want more!

:v:. :green_heart:. & Happy Growing!


Nice, nice, nice…:wink::+1:t3:😶‍🌫😶‍🌫


Looks like fire. Well done sir.

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Glue Sniffer a+b (front) - 49 days.

Zweet Child (back left) &

Crescendo (back right) - 51 days.

Glue Sniffer (a). :point_down:.

Glue Sniffer (b). :point_down:.

Zweet Child :point_down:.

Crescendo :point_down:.

Crescendo is super frosty! Buds & sugar leaves are covered in trichs. Zweet Child has golf ball sized nugs. Those 2 plants are Ethos so not alot of info about them. They will be done way before the Glue Sniffer’s are, at least it looks that way.

Glue Sniffer’s are taking their time. A few fan leaves snapped when I was tucking them, the leaves were dying anyway but I think it still stunned them a little.

I gave a double dose of cal/mag with some more recharge as the leaves are getting so yellow. (Especially with the Zweet Child & Crescendo). I’m not sure if they are nearing the end or if they need more nutes.

I don’t know the life cycle of the Zweet Child & Crescendo so I doubled the cal/mag to see what happens with the yellowing leaves. I also started feeding ff big bloom the other day.

What do you guys think? Nearing the end or needs more cal/mag & nutes?

Also, do I need to add molasses if I use recharge since recharge already has complex sugars in it (I think)?

:v:. :green_heart:. & Have a great weekend!


Beginning week #9

Zweet Child (back left) & Crescendo (back right) Glue Sniffer a+b (front)

Zweet Child 56 days. :point_down:.

Crescendo auto 56 days :point_down:.

Glue Sniffer a+b 54 days :point_down:.

Well, from what I understand, they all have another month to go. I continue to feed but still signs of deficiency, especially in the Zweet Child & Crescendo strains. Hopefully the will make it till then.

Glue Sniffer’s are short & bushy af. Lost some fan leaves when I was tucking leaves. Ouch! :persevere:.

So, it is what it is. I’m gonna get a small yield, I’m looking for some fast flowering sativa dominant autos right now for my next grow. A fast flowering indica auto also to go with them.

I’ll have plenty to grow outside this summer, so I want something I can knock out fast indoors.

Any suggestions?

:v:. :green_heart:. Happy Growing!


Thats quite amazing for the short timeframe of growth.
great effort, I would love to be able to freely grow these autoflower varieties.


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