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Chipper/shredder for stalks and stems

Has anyone used a chipper/shredder for cannabis stalks and stems? I’d like to chip them into mulch or to help them break down in the compost, but am not sure on the best size chipper, the smaller the better for ease of storage and ease of moving around. I’ve heard that the stalks can clog the chipper because of their high fiber content, but I’ve also heard of them being chipped… Thanks for feedback


I have been actively composting stems for over a decade now. It seems this is your intent as well. Indeed, the main stalks can get caught up in the mechanism and destroy blades, gears and motors. I have a few recommendations: chiefly, ensure all material you feed into your chipper is completely dry. Wet and fibrous material will more readily harm your machine that will the dry stuff. Secondly, if possible, shop your bigger pieces into smaller pieces prior to feeding them into the machine. They will shred more effectively and in the event that the fiber wraps around the blades, the fiber strand will not be long and will likely do less, if any, damage.

Hope this helps!


In order to be compliant in state of Alaska we must shred/chip our green waste. I’m on my second machine, it seems better than our first. This issue is we can’t use a gas powered outdoor model due to our location and smell issues so we are using electric 15 amp machines that don’t seem to hold up. It would be nice if there was a propane option for indoor use or a 220v electric option. Please if anyone knows of a good quality electric or propane model, pass on the info. We are currently using an Earthwise 15 amp chipper/shredder and it is performing better than our old Sunjoe 14 amp shredder. Good luck


Ouch! That’s rough! I killed quite a few electric shredders in an attempt to be “green”. Unfortunately the only thing that was green was the cash we were wasting on new electric chippers. Luckily, we are able to go outside the facility to utilize a gas chipper. We honestly bought a cheap one from Harbor Freight and it works well, just so long as the material isn’t to beastly.


We killed a very expensive gas powered chipper on the first day we used it. Washington requires all material to be ground and mixed with at least 50% of another unusable material which is completely ridiculous but the people making these laws have never had to comply with them!
The very best thing we have some up with is a flail mower on the back of a tractor. It absolutely mows(:grin:) through everything we put in front of it. About 1000x faster than any chipper out there.


Any brand and model chipper you like best? I need a gas not electric motor, I am off the grid. Can it be done with a “smaller” chipper? Thanks for the reply.


Just wanted to update for anyone interested, bought a Bear Cat chipper/shredder and it works great! I’ve been using it for shredding all the dry sticks and stems post trimming. It turned a giant pile of stems into a much smaller pile of mulch, which I then added to my compost. I still haven’t tried it with any green stems left from a harvest, and not sure how these larger stalks will do… may have to dry them out somehow… but loving the Bear Cat! My new favorite toy.


Thanks for the update and the plug for Bear Cat! This is why I love GNET!


What was the price tag on that shredder?


1k, not cheap, but a nice Briggs and Stratton engine and pretty powerful! Also has a tow option I want to order that will enable attachment to a quad.


Not too shabby if it works well


glad to help

we feel that a single shaft grinder would be better suited for your industry

and we make small units but also make chippers and grinders and shredders

but we are going to try to show your industry that there are other designs that can be used with better results


i also agree that the bearcat is a good brand much like our machete chipper brands and our duerr chipper brands but also feel that there are other alternatives that can work just as well and we think that in the end a single shaft grinder may be better suited for use in this field and there have not been any shredder experts involved in your field and we joined to see what we could to to help educate and show the way to good machines …even if they are not our brands, its the grinding technology that will win out and a light industrial design that will also win out in the end


glad to make some suggestions

some of us in the industrial shredder field have experience with small units that are still industrial in size and we feel that the time is right to introduce industrial mini machines to your industry

no doubt that the back yard wood chipper will not hold up as we have over 20,000 of these in the field with our duerr chipper brand and over 5,000 of our machete wood chippers…that do have a place in your industry in their design

but industrial mini shredders may be the long term solution to this industry problem of getting a grinder that will hold up to the task

we are there to help direct those to these concepts and ideas

this was one of our first machines for downsizing an industrial shredder into a mini category…2002


i would agree but a bit dangerous to some degree but works for the job because we come from a farming family but we also build industrial shredders and chippers and grinders and feel that there may be better ways to get the job done …

only time will tell as we are also learning that price point may be an issue and most of our industrial shredders start at 5k to 10k and up …

but maybe there is a place for these types of shredders and grinders that can bring longevity and safety to the game


Do you have three phase where you live? Get a good electrician and keep extra moter on hand. I saw there is an old moter rewinding company between the airport in Anchorage and Palmer.


We would love having an industrial shredder on site but unfortunately one that compares to the job the flail mower does is pretty expensive for a single job item. At least with a tractor and mower I can do a lot of other jobs besides just shred waste.


I’ve been highly intrigued by Schutte Buffalo’s Kannamill. Haven’t tried it myself, but considering getting one for the shop.


Hello Hileelikelee,
Has your issue been addressed? Think I may have a solution for you.

All the best,


at the moment it has, i’m sure its just a matter of time before we are looking again, what are the power requirements for your unit and what is the foot print of your machine? is there a warranty? where is it made and where does it ship from, what is shipping size and weight?