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So instead of doing a journal for each strain I’m just going to go through what’s going on in and around the tents. I like to share pictures with like minded folks and learn some stuff so here we go.
So to kick this off I’ve got 2 Crockett’s Dawg from dispensary seed from a buddy in Alaska. Now that being said I can not say if they are or not that strain since the 2 I’m doing are completely different. Now I also have 2 Farmers Fire (Cherry pie X F4 Blueberry) bred by (second generation genetics) JD Short son of DJ Short and he uses his dad’s Blueberry strain. Next up is Caramel Cookies bred by me in DWC (first time trying this) and 3 Humboldt Supafreaks. Also doing a small reversal project with some Crocketts and Gorilla glue clones.
Sorry for all the details but it’s just how I roll. Ive got alot of pics but I’ll start with the ones from the last week and go from there.


Grape smelling Crocketts Dawg.

Coffee smelling Crocketts Dawg.

Caramel Cookies DWC @ about 3 weeks old


I’m a big fam of DJ Short Blueberry. Haven’t tried JD Short. Now I want to!


Farmers Fire.


I also got some of these. A collaboration between DJ Short and Blue Star. Can’t wait to pop some but it’s going to be later this summer.


@coaltrain , i like the sound of your grow journal. Looks tops and love the genetics you are using. Thanks for sharing and especially the info about second generation breeders. Awesome to see it running in the family now. It seems like there are loads of up and coming generations who are working the oldschool lines of their parents work, Reeferman and Joseph Pietri to name a couple.


@chrisj Thanks my man. I personally dont know any growers so everything I’ve learned I’ve learned in places like this on forums and the internet over the last 4 years. These places are invaluable to the hobby and this is one of the more professional forums I’ve found. Hopefully I can share and be a productive member.


Thanks Coal! We try to keep it a safe, fun place to be. Keeping it professional and less fakebook.

We are glad you are here. Reach out to the growers, many of us talk in the real world too. Grow your self a canna fam in us. We will all grow together!


@coaltrain welcome to the forum! Lots great folks here


Thanks guys. @Slym3r @PreyBird1. I’ll be around for awhile I’m thinking. Pretty cool place to chill and read. @PreyBird1 liking the runtz and God strains you got going do you have a vendor or just trade/donations through here? Got a lot going now but in the future I’m always down to preserve some heirlooms.


Oh I forgot to add the Supafreak baby. First one of the 3 up and already getting freaky. Got 20 reg seeds of this strain btw. Actually got 21 cause someone was feeling nice.


I sell on strainly.

I have 12 strains. 4 on strainly and 8 more femmanized coming and 1 auto flower femmanized.
If you want some thing let me know. The skygod is a super strong strain.


Digging the journal, never apologized for being thorough!! :sunglasses::sunglasses:
That Blue Star sure got some gnarly bud. Would be a great one to watch :+1::+1:

What Caramel did you use for the cross with your Cookies?

Down for the show


@hardroc Sweet Seeds Cream Caramel auto but the Pink Cookies I crossed it with was a Photoperiod and reversed for the fem pollen. Here’s a pic of the Cream Caramel auto mother.


That 2nd picture is beautiful :heart_eyes:
So since you crossed with an auto, my understanding is that 25% will have the auto gene and if you keep back crossing it with the auto ones with the fem pollen you can get get 100% auto after a few generations. Is that something you’re considering, or are you just looking for the photos?


@hardroc At first yes. I was going for a full auto because both strains were dense and frosty as hell but now I think I’m going just for Photos. I started with autos and kept with them for the last 4 years reversing and breeding. But autos have a life cycle. They start and finnish and thats it. If you find something special you’d better hope you have another seed and the breeder was on point so you get something similar. I like the idea of holding onto something special and possibly making it more special.
BTW I have a few different crosses of autos with photos and haven’t grown a ton but have yet to find one auto on me. Usually they’re photo that show sex early and finnish earlier by a week or 2.


I absolutely agree. I honestly don’t grow many auto’s, I got a couple buddies that breed strictly auto’s, and I’ll test a few here and there, depending on space in my veg tent, but like you said, you find a gem and you wanna keep it, but can’t as it’s an auto, and it’s damn near impossible to get the next seeds to be the same, unless the strain is worked hard over many generations.
I’m a big fan of being able to reveg a mom and clone if I find that diamond in the rough.


Welcome to Gn my brother, I have some Supa F. 20 pack as well haven’t done any. Glad to have you aboard…


I just pimped you on my ig. Lol


@Slym3r Did you find me? coaltrain666. I’m definitely around. Lol