Commercial Grower

Wanting to get commercial grow going.
Anyone growing on a large scale? any advice is welcomed ty


I have a commercial grow what’s up brother

Grow a shit ton of the same thing testing is expencive we’re a mom and pop I outfit my grow with my va disability be smart about how you grow

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I’ve been curious about testing. How long does that process take? How expensive is it? How much product does it take to test?

Its like 5 day or so some promise 3. And shit its like 300 bucks per ten pounds of one strain

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Amd they take like 7grams

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Shit that ain’t expensive and 7 grams ain’t much for it…

Are you in usa or Canada?

A few towns over they test 3 g at a time for 60$ cdn. I plan to test this crop actually

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after seeing ur bud pics it could be scary what it tests out at

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Thank you for the intro, Welcome to G.N. It’s a great forum and you can’t beat the price for the NETWORKING that you can do . I have a few degrees, certificates in a few different fields that complement each other. Looking to get my foot in the industry door. I have the knowledge, just need some advice or employment.

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What state are you in


Do you have any good advice that you could help me with if the pictures were not good?.. I would like your feedback please? It can only make me better in this VENTURE than I’m on.

I can work in all the CBD shores in Florida, but I’m trying to find a better, and more efficient solution.

Your already licenced?

In Florida they have CBD stores on every corner. As for my LC I have a Comparison Act LC and graduated with full Degrees THC UNIVERSITY, PT. Degree, Sens Basic Cannabis Industry Certification, Now I’m working on my Soil Biology Micro and Macro Degree, and my own autodidact.

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Shoot you sound like your the one with answers! @bryankp

Is thcu an online certification? Was a very through course?

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Yes I have learned a lot over the past 5 years hard core studies in the industry. So are online and some are on a UNIVERSITY