Could you read the DNA data from the pictures, please?


Dear Experts,

As in your experience I would like you to read my plant’s DNA data from the pictures, if you could please.

Is one of her parents or grandfathers or grandmothers was from another kind of plants or what? Because as you could notice on some of her leaves are completely different in shape than the normal shape of cannabis serrated leaves!.

Allow me to give you a summary of her history: She was out of airflow for nearly a month and one week, and then the leaves shape has completely synchronized changed with accelerated growth on that shape when she begun facing the airflow, and then during the airflow days the growth continued with returning to the normal shape of cannabis serrated leaves until now!!.

Thank you very much.


I’m not an expert, but I’m learning… so there’s no guarantee that my guesses are correct.

A couple of questions for you:
How old is the plant?
What light are you using and what is the hanging height?

I’ve seen leaves like this one my plants when they’re under too much stress… for me it’s been either too much water (beginning root rot) or insufficient lighting.
Unless that’s a strain that’s really skinny and has very few leaves to begin with, my guess is insufficient lighting.
I suppose it’s possible that you have a plant that’s crossed with Australian Bastard Cannabis, but I don’t think that’s the case.


Single funky leaves are typical of a plant going through the re-veg process…
Basically means it started to flower because of light or other reasons and has now reverted back to vegetative growth… Give it some time and more root space and it will get back to normal…


She is about 55 days old now.
The bulbs type which am using now as shown in the pictures below.

The hanging light was 29.9ins. before the various growth until last Saturday, and then I moved it a more closer on 19.6ins. until now.

:white_check_mark: Correct, she was on overabundant in watering amount in about 3 weeks and few days.


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Just kill it and start over

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Thank you so much for the beneficial :key: “Australian Bastard Cannabis”, which is took me to the link below.


@Mr.Cannabis_Spirit, what’s the status of this plant today? You still growing it?


Hi @Bogleg,

I appreciated your attention so much.

That plant was looks odd and it doesn’t got the full and healthy cannabis genes to me, also it seemed to me as I noticed, one of her parents or one or maybe more I could say of her upper relatives from another species of plants.

However, I decided to toss it and preformed that on May.12.2019 to keep the others and future plants genes safe and healthy with their offspring if we assumed they produced some as well, and for saving the time with having more available spaces for better plants in health. As I understood and learned from Dr.reggie,