Cratix grow corner with jacks

Hello everyone name is cratix been hanging out here over the last two weeks been having an awesome time talking with people and seeing the awesome community so I decided to do start a grow journal already on day 2 of flower but will start from beginning

Tent is a 3x3x6
Light hlg 260
Infinity t4 or s4 the not fancy one lol inline and filter
I think it’s a 6 inch fan hanging in there I don’t remember
Using coco loco in non woven fabric pots
Nutes is jacks 321 full kit using the bloom bag and finisher bag for two weeks each

Strains are ice cream cake in the back and bubba kush in the front picked up from Leagal services dispensary in Denver
Currently owned seeds: mango kush, blackberry kush, banana kush, wedding cake, cherry pie, and girl scout cookies ext all from ilgm 5 of each seed

Earliest pic of the girls 3/29/2021have no idea how old the clones were when I got them

Topped 4/9/2021 (12 days)

4/13/2021 (16 days)practiced super cropping for the first time on the ice cream cake topping didn’t phase them

4/19/2021 (22 days) put a screen in first time using a screen as well

4/21/2021 (24 days)

4/22/2021 (25 days last day of veg) I switched from jacks 321 (part a 3.6 g part b 2.4 and magnesium sulfate 1.2 g per gallon) to jacks bloom and magnesium sulfate currently using 3.5 grams of bloom and 1.2 grams of magnesium sulfate per gallon watering twice a day 4 cups each time last week got a little meat up cause my appendix was removed but they were still watered daily my gf and roommate help me keep on schedule with the screen trimming and watering which was awesome :green_heart: of them already back to watering myself just can’t lift the 3 gallon jug following my weight limit lol

4/24/2021 (day 2 of flowering) day 3 out 14 with jacks bloom nutes for watering see if we can make it heard it doesn’t contain calcium and I’ll run into a deficiency but I’m using the way jacks told me to so let’s see I’m excited

And here we are all caught up on everything the tent light nutes house I live in lol is all new got set up within the first month of living here :sunglasses: and I’m still going have my old 2x3x4.5 tent and hlg 135 going to get another not fancy infinity inline and have some fun it also have a blurple laying around somewhere

Hope everyone is doing great and enjoying life :v:

P.s Hope I didn’t make to many errors lol like 2 am for me sleep schedule already messed up 1 week off work :man_facepalming:


Oh forgot light currently at 200 watts will max in 48 hours as long as no stress signs shows up was at 150 at the end of veg


i grew ice cream cake before. it was picky and pouty and turned out to be fantastic smoke.


I’m guessing mine just like the jacks cause they’re growing strong can’t wait to try the smoke :dash: hope mine comes out as good as yours did


Nice setup @cratix! Your plants look great my friend. AC Infinity makes amazing fans. Thats all I ever use and I am running them in all my tents. They are very quiet and the most energy efficient inline fans on the market.
If I were you I’d definitely add some Cal-mag to your feedings. Your plants will need it during flowering. It can take weeks for you to see the deficiencies in your plants.


When I got back to jacks 321 I will be fine I am worried about these two weeks of trying the bloom bag and magnesium sulfate i actually emailed jacks this morning about adding part b into the mix which will add calcium in but also more nitrogen and I don’t want that so may only do the bloom bag for a week and switch back just to be safe we will see what jacks says

Thank you very much I alway appreciate advice


:eye::eye: :eyes: at what eye found…:rofl:


Ahhh my son from cyberspace-- he is. …


You guys two are awesome :green_heart::green_heart::green_heart: @tenga @happilyretired


Welcome to the growing life with friends! Hope to see all what’s coming. Keep us posted!


Just gave my girls a regular jacks feeding instead of using the bloom noticed some clawing so will lay off bloom this and tomorrow morning watering to let them catch up once they start stretching they will be fine


Hey I got mine on wheels too! Hope they turn around and start thriving like yours! :slight_smile:

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Looks like they are digging what you’re doing.
Be cool to see how the jacks bloom works. Since my switch to 321, plants are happy and healthy. Not sure 321 alone is best for bulking up those buds though. I’m just starting a few plants on jacks “finish” hoping to see improvement in the bud swell. @repins12 and I had a conversation about this. Repins you switched yet?


Just about every fertilizer company out there, that produce stuff for cannabis has a bloom and a veg. Since this is the direction the money it’s going this is the product they are going to produce. They have to stay competitive so they have to tweak the product to suit the plant. You guys could even just reduce the amount of base nutrients and increase the P/K as you choose. I don’t think anybody will come out with the perfect product that will both be super easy and perfect for the plant. The key would be, Is to meet someone who works at a giant well renowned grow and pick there brain for the exact recipe they use to produce what they do.

:joy::joy:… damn skittles I find myself having a conversation with my tablet and it’s not talking back…:joy::rofl::rofl::v:t3:


Yeah, I agree with 100%. when I first switched to Jacks it was explained the 321 formula was all you needed start to finish. While I have 2 full grows now complete just running the 321. As I was told, it is easy to use “for me”, plants love it. Never had plants with fewer problems. But… then I see on the website they have bloom and finish nutes that they recommend in the lineup, “of course they do”. Guess I just feel something else is needed to finish off the plant and bud development.

I have just adjusted the base nutes, less n more p and k but really no way tell if your giving it the right amounts other then ppm readings which still doesn’t tell ya honestly.
I’m lazy, I prefer a bag that says "add 2.5grams per gallon :grin:


I’m reading the nutrition schedule.
Says use bloom for one are teo weeks and then back to 321.

Kind of hard to see.
I dont see a week or 2 making that much difference


Both schedules say the same thing


I haven’t added any nutrients to my res since the beginning of January. I’m harvesting my best autos, thus far. I don’t think that you need the amounts of nutrients, they call for. Just my humble opinion. When I ran the Jack’s, my last photo run, I added the NPK, during flower. I got less off of 6 plants, than I did with 3 grown, using the maxi series. I will most likely be going back to it and ditching the Jack’s :v:


u are doing a great job and it looks like U have created a nice canopy good luck and be well


Yeppers, I don’t see 2 weeks helping alot either. I picked up a bag of the “Finish” 7-15-30 just did 21 day defol, stretch seems to be slowing. I’m going to remove part A and replace with the finish now till end of the grow. See if there is any difference.